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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

cassie smells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!------------------

1 point

homosexual people are gay---------------------------------

2 points

panda bear. only because they are so funny looking and cuddly. Plus, a monkey would swing from your fan and stuff and keep you up all night and scream. all panda bears do all day is make funny noises and eat bamboo.

3 points

This side, that this post is on, which is called "that side", will win because it is on the right, which means that it is the right side to pick, besides the other side is stupid because they think that they have picked the right side, i the meaning that they picked the right side to win, but in reality, the right side is on the side to the right of them, which means us, so "that side" will surely win because it is the right side, RIGHT??????

3 points

actually the right side would be the side on the right of your post, so that side is the right side

1 point

dude, you can watch that stuff on the internet--------------------------------------------

2 points

would you rather watch the hot female in a stupid movie or on the internet, where you dont have to pay to get in

1 point

Homosexuals hurt the idea of family morales, what if they were to adopt a kid, and all of his/her friends ask why they have 2dads, or 2 moms. The kids dont know, and honestly, so do I. I dont really care if there are gay people and they do there freaky stuff in their private life, but getting married is too much. And i agree with soccerstud, there are two sexes on this planet for a reason, if god wanted us to be gay then he would have only created one sex. Plus, you need 2 different sexes to make a normal family work, you need breast milk, you need sperm cells, you need egg cell, you need both the female and the male to function as a normal family, and in my opinion, gay married couples are not a normall functioning family.

1 point

I have mixed feeling about this topic, although i like video games and think they are entertaining, i question wether they affect the way people think, and if it has any positive effects other then its fun. I do think we should still develope video games in the end because it makes more jobs and people make money off of it.

1 point

racing is stupid, all you do is drive a car in circles a bunch of times, its stupid

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Winning Position: Coke
Winning Position: Powerade
Winning Position: no
Tied Positions: a pop can vs. a yellowbook
Winning Position: what is the blackest name?
Winning Position: yes
Winning Position: no, its stupid
Winning Position: yes, it is very stupid

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