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RSS Jcmiami

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If Hillary was leading, no one would be asking of Obama to quit? Think about it . . . it says a lot about what we think about race and gender in our country.

3 points

In case anyone doesn't think it's real:

Barcelona authorities are having to take the unprecedented step of having to have water brought in by giant tankers. The water levels in the reservoir that feeds the city has sunk so low it's exposed the eerie sight of a medieval village that was flooded when the reservoir was opened in the 1960s. See for yourselves:

And check out this NYT article, "Family Science Project Yields Surprising Data About a Siberian Lake" - Since 1945, Dr. Kozhov, a professor at Irkutsk State University, would record water temperature and clarity and track the plant and animal plankton species as deep as 2,400 feet. Later other family members and now scientist continued his work to find surprising warming of "very deep" water temperatures.

Some of these things may be happening naturally, but what level of ignorance would say that "we" don't have something to do with it!

2 points

Whether we like it or not, we all judge one another. And everything they are is what we use as a guide stick. Religious preference is one of them. The trick is to watch ourselves when we do. What we do with that judgment is what we'll determine the character and integrity of the person we are. It is part of our conditioning. I can decide many things about a person, but then I can give the person the opportunity any way. How else do I grow out of all that old learning. It's the only way out for all those groups of people that have hated each other for thousands of years.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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