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RSS Jeffreyone

Reward Points:1349
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10 most recent arguments.

Google.books has it, it's on Amazon and on most of your popular websites and news medias have it.

Bet you never tapped on the link I provided , is that how you were taught to learn in school?; Jumping into an ignorant conclusion before examination of evidence. It's not a conspiracy. It's quite popular; an open secret. It's quite recent 1992. There are many great scientists of your own such as Nikola Tesla who are not talked about in your academic syllabus due to some mischief the scientific community wants to cover up. This is one of such. Please developed the habit of learning.

This very feared permanent disease should be the case by now if they just allowed Nana Drobo. He was jointly assassinated by his Ghanaian people, Japanese and the West.🤐

0 points

Ironically, the poverty stricken malnutrition students of G....... win over the well fed A...., C, S...K...., Japanese etc. hmmm. I think y'all need to talk about robotics. It's a really serious matter needing to be discussed just like Ghan..... need to talk about our hunger. But why are you not talking about it?

0 points

Me and you were done debating over a year ago..................................................m.....................

"Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us".

It's always good to forgive people in your heart and mind( very relief) but if they are yet unrepentant, they are toxic, just know how to keep your distance and if incidentally you ever meet, be very brief with interactions and in a hurry to walk away.

jeffreyone(1349) Clarified
1 point

I don't get the non English words therefore the whole sentence(song or whatever you call it).

jeffreyone(1349) Clarified
1 point

😂 I am your life's inspiration , that's why you always tryna get ma attention.

Funny thing is he who brainwashes you is also a victim of brainwashing. We need innocent 1day old babies to sit in our Parliaments ,Courts and World Unions to make objective laws.

"Even if your girlfriend is Mavis beacon, she's not my type." .😂 Then you know he's gay. He wants the hole of faeces. Wanna fuck in an excretory organ of another man who's also got a dick. Then she wants to get her hole drilled by another hole like clashing two opened bottle heads. These people lack heads to store half a wit😂

jeffreyone(1349) Clarified
1 point

It's takes those who can relate to comprehend. Never mind if you can't. No offense taken.


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Winning Position: You have been brainwashed to believe Christians are victims of brainwashing
Winning Position: Death failed me
Winning Position: Where Did Dermot go, that guy was a legend
Winning Position: Ignorance
Winning Position: Atheists hailed Hawkings as rather intelligent after he threw a moronic jab/line at God

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Gender: Fellow
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Country: Korea (North)

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