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RSS Jeffreyone

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Denying what? Your childish talk about God creating man drawn to sin? And you have another idiot somewhere voting up your lame accustions. Come up with something that carries weight.

Or tell me from an authentic source where you derive such a lame statement.

1 point

"You lack so much maturity. You think you're mature but you're not. You are not mature enough to see that your arguments completely fail"

Lol. Am seeing what you will be seeing 5yrs from now. A lot others here see it too lol.


"And I still don't see any evidence for god. Give me evidence and I will believe."

me? You give me the opposite evidence.

1 point

Judging by my grammar?

I learnt english. I only use it at school(class too only). I just have to understand and write.

The same way you cannot speak or write my languages perfectly.

What has maturity got to do with grammar?

Is that a logical statement you made there? And yes, lets focus on the logic we make out of the grammar.

Looking at what you say ,i don't want to call you idiot.

I want you to come back after five years when your brain is a little more matured(as expected of every human being but with you i doubt that possibility.....but just incase) to look at this conversation one more time And you will be ashamed of the irrational or more rational but feeble minded arguments you've made here.

I see you still with a baby brain. And now you got yourself a daddy atheist and so you feel like a

Many atheists here are well(High) thinking though they fake things at times but you,........disappointing

Speaking of grammar you should check the words you intend on using to correct me meticulously. I see some tautologies, past tense problems and some adverbs following consecutively doesn't sound right.

1 point

Lol. me mature? Man from your words or questioning i can tell your level of maturity. you are way back in mind maturity.All the replies i give about God is not from my pastor or any religious leader. I am 19yrs Young face but a matured mind. Without a matured mind, you will never understand the meaning of the word. I have a matured mind than a 200 years old atheist.

Swapping Christianity for atheism is like a kid who swaps breast milk for sweet toffee.

A few jabs from the devil and your feeble ribs couldn't take it. You quited in round three and joined the 'spectators'. Blind spectators sitting in darkness.

Even though i defend christianity much, I don't go to church that much cos of school activities(college) and some little project am about. Yet i have understanding than you who had church imposed on you.

So if my faith is not strengthened in fellowshipping among same feathers in the church, then what will happen if i engage in church more with feathers giving me more insight on the word……!?

1 point

Ah. And you say you were a christian?

God created them to be drawn to sin?lamest.

1 point

"God could have made humans in heaven with him. "

You know i have my issues with God(based on a condition not proven yet) but they don't sound so lame as yours.

Now you wanna teach God creation. Now you don't believe in God's existence, lets base the argument on assumption.


So if God created you and thanks to him you have a brain, now you want to think for him? On how he should have created things.

Maybe i should also think and suggest he should have placed your mouth in your armpit. God has always given us freedom to think and so if he says he is all knowing, you should reconsider your definition of that.All knowing meaning he knows what is currently happening and already happened but with the future, God has not programmed us like robots. He gives what is called choice.

And taking into account the various possibilities(choice) of action, God knows the future for each decision made. He knows the paths ahead and what will happen depending on which you will pick; choice. Adam and eve had a choice to make. Lucifer had a choice to make. In the assumption theory(of God is real)

If you refuse to see reason and call it excuses, don't even know if you read it in detail, i too don't care.

1 point

Are we still arguing about this proof? Mom and dad have your birth certificate. Come on !already.

1 point

" I've never heard someone say that homosexuality is dangerous ... "

You still have never heard it. I typed it, you read it.

"You're making it sound contagious, like it is malaria.


Malaria is not but homosexuality is. This disgusting immoral practice should not be encouraged. I would kill my own child if he was gay. I don't condone or justify disgustful immoral acts in the name of human rights.

"I hope you don't mind elaborating. I am very curious."

Instead of elaborating, i would

Cite an experiment hypothetically.

If 10000 gays were given a country of their own away from other parts of the world, supplied with all resources they will ever need, in 100 years time, how many gays will be left on the land?

If a gay buy shares, he expects it to be prolific but his selfish digusting pleasures doesn't seem to be irrational.

Every president should accept gay on the condition that, whenever there is war, they will go to fight cos they have nothing to lose. They have no children waiting for them at home.

I should stop here

1 point

Ah. I am always shocked when you interfere in christian talk. Do you even know how a bible looks like?

1 point

"Wow. Everyone comes from god. So sin comes god."

Please can you quote my exact words? I mean when or where i said that.

You say everyone and you mention sin as if it were human.

"Why would he have put the tree in the garden if he didn't want Adam and Eve to eat from it? "

Then why do people keep swords or guns they have no skill of, for decoration(they warn their children of it)?

God is creator of all things and Holy. He is without sin or neither did he create sin.

Sin is an act.

1. Which goes against the laws of God.

2.or Knowledge of what is wrong and go ahead to do it.

A baby who just learnt how to walk can take your cell phone (a scenario of you at your friend's house and you leave your phone on a low table)while you are not watching and walk to another room with it. It is not theft or sin. He has no knowledge.

Adam and eve sinned in two ways. Disobeying God's rule by daring only(that is total lack of respect to God even if they had not consumed it).

Adam ruled all the creatures and they all obeyed him for they knew everything he did was for their own good.

They also had their restrictions as every law posseses.Given to them by Adam.

They could never look adam in his glory and dare to disobey him.

Unlike we who posses sinful bodies; the reason we cannot see the face of God(so its considerable if we sin),

Adam and eve knew God face to face. The God all the angels feard And all creatures.

Eve overlooked him to take the advice of mere serpent(disgraceful) and Adam also over looked God's glory and obeyed a woman(sub adam who arrived recently).

Because God did not put fear into him and treated him like as a son.

God should be the most disappoint father in the universe.

The garden had many trees.

Which includes the tree of life and knowledge(death of sin).

That was the second sin(even third but i ignore one).Having the fruit of knowledge. And his first knowledge was he was naked.

That tree proved the level or limit of Adam's respect for God. That tree was a necessary evil~(According to me: only that line)

And Adam failed. Adam did not only dare touch but also shot himself with the gun for decoration.

"And why did he create Satan if he knew that he was going to cause so much harm? "

What?!! God is a being who creates whatever he wants.

He wanted servants. So he created Angels. To fill up heaven. To praise him forever.

God had not created man yet.

Lucifer was the highest of the archangels, he had the best of priviledges, he knew God well, he studied his throne well, he knew how to please God,God Appreciated him.

There was no politics in heaven. Lucifer as priviledged as he was above all the other angels still wanted more. The bible says he wanted exactly what God had(not more not less). Satan felt proud and started politics in heaven.

He started a rebellion. He convinced many angels to join him to overthrow God.

God did not create pride in lucifer. It only grew in him. God does not tell people or angels what to feel. Its complete freedom of choice.

Man was not in the picture at that time. God knew what lucifer was planning but did not stop him . He gives freedom of expression. And lucifer finally lost the war in heaven. And he continued on earth hoping to win this time against man(image of God)

God does not 'MAKE' people who do not follow him suffer.

God 'LEAVES'people who do not follow him to suffer in the hands of the fallen one(satan).

He is a disappointed father trying to reconcile with you and if you still refuse to take the opportunity(by obeying his word) he is offering, then what do you expect him to do? He should leave you to your fate in the hand of your enemy.

"And yes god can make it that you can go straight to heaven. He can do anything right?"

Ah. Its like you are doing everything possible to annoy yourself of God.

Do you understand 'GOD'?

Tell me how close you ever got to barack Obama.

God is majesty. Mankind has fallen short(sick) of His glory.

Mankind is sick of sin. It is very contagious. God is offering medication and treatment(with his laws ,bible and everything he asks us to do) before we enter heaven. Satan infected many angels with his disease remember?

Sin is corruptible. We have to die first before we obtain the glorious body in the same manner jesus did(after death).

God is Holy. He cannot deal with anymore filth. And those God should take to heaven, does it include atheists?Don't be silly.

Plus i don't think paradise will be in the heavens of God.

If adam and eve lived on earth. Then after the defeat of satan, God will reclaim the land for us and make everthing new on this earth.

No one is growing wings to fly to heaven. Everything will be here on earth free of pain or cruelty cos the king of darkness will be chained. Life will be as every man wants it. Like in the time of Adam.

But i think it will be possible for man to go up in the heavens of God still like jesus did. Cos the glorious body is not limited in speed or will.

But i don't think people will like to go to heaven for anything.(Maybe once in a while)

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