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RSS Jeffreyone

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10 most recent arguments.
jeffreyone(647) Clarified
1 point

Please explain how anything I have said sounds like complaining more than what you have said. You could try telling a joke if you wanted to laugh on CD

"His fan club is dangerous..."(cartman,2017).

"We are angry at people like you....."(cartman, 2017).

See, that's a huge problem. You claiming your perfect God is just add bad as evil humans makes no sense.

You said he is wicked or evil not me, you said he is dangerous not me....

You introduced it and i was pretending to be playing along and now you want to put those words on me?

I think the biggest problem I have is that I listen to the garbage you spew and I try to understand how a perfect being is as bad add imperfect beings. I am trying top have an intelligent conversation and you are making it impossible.

Intelligence is reciprocal.

Garbage in, Garbage out.

Other than that I don't care about God.

You don't care enough to be attacking his fan club....yeah right.

You are against me giving my opinion about not believing in God.

Me? It is seems you were the one who said you were angry at and against his fan club.....awkward!...

I only said there are no atheists on CD which you seem to be against also.(my opinions)

Christians complained about Harry Potter.

I have never protested though but i have own issues with it too.

Only a real christian can identify those things about the movie.

There were a lot of real things they were promoting there.

It doesn't bother you that the only metaphor you could come up with involved you being Bin Laden?

No, not all.

Bin Laden was born an innocent child.

Not a monster descending from the sky.

He became that for reason.(It doesn't justify his acts though).

Its just a perfect example.

Thanks for this one.

But you're not my fan club until you throw away your pride.

jeffreyone(647) Clarified
1 point

Actually he did. Look elsewhere and you can find english transcriptions of it and he does specifically state all the children would die. He also did not specify a time or date, he simply stated a school class is planning a trip and they need to cancel it otherwise they would die AND if they were to proceed with it, to at least avoid the specific road, implying it wasn't the waterfall that was the peril.

Are you trying to translate my own native language to me?

Did you hear what he said on radio before the event?

I never suggested this and how dare you suggest otherwise. My point is I don't believe in prophecy and this guy is nothing more than a con artist.

So then what do you mean by he said all will die but not all died? He shouldn't have cautioned because it was 18?

You don't believe in prophecies but there are a few more of irrefutable ones i add.....

Like a prophet at the beginning of the year prophesied a lot of youth's suicides and other deaths....

Just between february 25 and March 18, 3 students of three different universities(here) commited suicide, plus another at home with her mum.

I have links....Just not necessary.

This isn't proof of anything.

Then derive the formula for his calculation.

This video isn't proof of anything. Why should I even believe this video to be authentic?

You can take a flight to the church to see more.

So if this video was a scam it just goes to show how gullible religious people can be.

I don't know how you understood it but from this i can tell how poor your comprehension skill is.

On the contrary, I greatly enjoy religious debates.

There is zero sense of delight in your words.

My questions are worded as such because when you actually look at the text without the blinders of belief and faith, the stories are actually quite absurd.

But at least it should go in line with the original story right?.....

You always bring your own new story on board.........

Which i know nothing annoying.

jeffreyone(647) Clarified
1 point

Wow. What a strange coincidence. The guy who believes in God doesn't need evidence.

Supposed to mean what?

I've seen how you answer your questions on such topics, its strategic.......

You don't think atheists actually exist. Here you are not laughing sounding paranoid.

Me paranoid? You are the one complaining not me....

And how do i laugh on CD?..sound recording?

God is not our enemy. His fan club is dangerous though.

I guess the fan club is as dangerous as it's owner(you hate and deny)......thats why you have problems with it or else you shouldn't care or try to close it down.

I don't believe cinderella existed but i don't try to campaign against publishing of the books, movies or talks.....

So much for you not getting hysterical and laughing.

It shouldn't be a joke to you's.

It's like Bin laden presenting a bomb to America, Bin laden(Me) will be laughing but it will be no joking laughing about issue for America(atheists)......

Picture it that way...

Dumb arguments are the best.



Then i guess the dumb is on your side of account......have fun

jeffreyone(647) Clarified
1 point

He lied to Adam that he would die if he ate the fruit.

Which is the lie?

If you are warned not to take rat poison or else you will die and you disobediently go ahead to take it,

You will die, just not at that moment.....maybe five minutes later or twenty you will still die.

If you have unprotected sex(woman), you will get pregnant and give birth, it doesn't mean your stomach should protrude two secs after sex and you give birth in the fourth sec., it takes 9months......

Adam and eve were like a barren(immortal) womb to pregnancy(death), until they took the fruit and became fertile to death.

Adam and Eve were made to be immortals and were promised death should they eat of the tree.....they ate, didn't die on the spot but surely died after so many years, God never specified the time it will take them to die.....

He saying you will die means;

You will lose your immortality guard and become vulnerable,

So if you are attacked by disease, you will die,

If you grow excessively old, you will die,

If you are involved in a life threatening accident, you will die

If you are attacked with a weapon or by an animal, you will die


He used the wordwillwhich implies future but not specifically spelt out.

Unless you can prove there is a man still living from the beginning of time till today...

He didn't, and that's irrelevant.

So you said it then.

I don't need to try hard. It's rather natural.

You don't need to but you are.

It's rather natural but not working.

Some whites(Americans, Europeans etc) usually travel to Africa and india for charms and they same hypocrites claim to be atheists.....the type of atheists who are usually attacking christianity...

They are playing you's stupid.

My pastor(American) didn't believe witchcraft was real two years ago when he arrived as a missionary,

But recently, it has come to his notice it's real, and even last week sunday night, he preached on witch craft(shockingly)………

He used to think it was all about those sooth sayings and fortune tellers.....but now he realised its totally different and more real than he ever imagined.

jeffreyone(647) Clarified
1 point

First off, I don't.

You just don't talk long enough to expose it.....

Second, which part of the definition says not believing in God makes you not paranoid?

At least i don't get paranoid when talking about something i don't believe in........i laugh(or zero emotion) about it.

Y'all get hysterical.


Angry at people like you. People who believe in something that doesn't exist still exist.


Or angry at us for friending your enemy.

Do you really not see how presenting those as the only 2 options might make people angry?

It wasn't meant to be a joke for laughter neither.

Take it or leave it.

jeffreyone(647) Clarified
1 point

I can see right through the stuff they've put there. It's all rather basic.

Right, even i don't completely trust that site, i googled it when i was looking for something for you....but at least, i know where their church is in Ghana, it's no secret, they are not shy or anything, they are always welcoming people.......

They may have a different name but they are generally classified here as illuminati since they share similar attributes.

Just as if I were God, I'd want a better world than this.

Disobedience made the world this way, nothing like what He initially made.

That probably does affect things. Subconscious connections like that are indeed possible, though. (Meaning that he unconsciously calculated the tree falling.)

Ah, why are you trying to change the context? What kinda bigot are you?

Something he prophesied a week and continuous, which circulated social media untill it eventually happened, and you call it unconsiously from his sub consciousness?

He has been in the prophetic ministry for 15years and you want to call this some lucky lottery prediction?

By the way, did you read at all?

Where did he exactly mention a falling tree? Wouldn't they have simply looked out for trees?

Reminds me of something. Heard about the dream temples in ancient Greece? (Or perhaps Rome) People slept there and were contacted by the gods in dreams, or that's what they believed.

You're trying so hard to devalue the doesn't change a thread of truth by trying to shift focus.

jeffreyone(647) Clarified
1 point

Oh boy, a list of irrelevant articles and videos. Yay.


Also, not all of the children died, only some.

well, he never said everyone will die ,did he?

And so because it isn't all of them who died, he shouldn't have said anything?

18 People dying at least doesn't call for a prophecy?

18 Lives is worthless to you?

You were expecting about 50 people before he warned?

and gave no specific time frame or location.

He did, he mentioned the day and even the exact time on radio but you don't understand the language.

If that's the case, this would imply the children

There is no need for implication here, just take his words as they are, and he did mention the waterfall, stop editing it, do you work for the devil...?

He predicted a week before the event and it was shared all over social media that no one should go to the waterfall, to be precise and on that particular day, and even added the time it will happen if he was disobeyed............

There is a world popular journalist, even employed by American secret agencies before, from Ghana, who followed up on the prophesy and got videos of the incident,

He even charged them to go on a different day but they ignored him......

What am trying to prove is God exists, and he warns.

So adam and eve were warned the same about the forbidden fruit and they went ahead to disrespect God and faced the consequences just like in the waterfall incidence.

Don't blame man's disobedience on God when he explicity warns prior to disasters which could have been prevented by heeding to his advice.

What's the point of this?

It isn't material logic and proves the existence of impossibilities that questions your stand as an atheist(someone who doesn't believe in the existence of such things).

Not English so I have no idea what's going on. I didn't watch all 34 minutes of it, but did skip around and nothing happened. What's the point? ignored it.

Convenient covering of the actual event. You actually believe this crap?

It's just a demonstration before i present my case , though it's not real.....

But, those are the kind of people here with greed for money(the real ones).

Most of the high rate of African scams are not natural......

Because as aware as you are, you could still be scammed....why?(not natural)....

There is a book still in process about it...

A man has been sent to live among scammers for a while who are aware of his purpose there.

And the stories coming out will be shocking to you as an atheist.

It will make you feel stupid as an atheist(not because you don't worship idols or God, but for denying their existence).

Because scammers are usually school drop outs who are not supposed to be intelligent than their victims who are mostly rich business men, professors and intellects....

But then, it happens everyday at an increasing rate, how?.....

Coming soon.

You accuse me of losing focus and then paste some

Oh come on! you should know by now that you always are hysterical, paranoid and complaining when you talk about God, which transcends into losing focus to even make quality arguments with non bias and logical questions.

Your most annoying questions are the ones about adam and eve.

Its as if you never owned or borrowed a bible to even read it....

They are questions a never been christian should be asking(example Nagpal, but even he doesn't ask those kind of questions(maybe lack of knowledge about it....which i could walk him through))...

It bores me to the head when You ask those questions and i choose to ignore them or answer(partially) later when am calmed……

jeffreyone(647) Clarified
1 point

What part of the definition do I not fit?

Every part......

All you atheists talk like angry paranoid little kids....... ..

Angry at what? What you don't believe exists?

You're either insane or better admit you believe.

1 point

I just don't get it, what does america take the world for? A puppet?

So it can slap it anyhow it wants and doesn't expect it to be slapped back?

America has always interfered in other countries' governance and politics especially when not invited, but will have their agenda towards world destroyed if they don't.

America secretively sponsored the coup d'etat of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah....because he was a pan africanist and supported the east.

Same America played a major role in the death of Qaddafi they portrayed as a monster falsely for wicked devious reasons and now the people of libya are suffering.........

But America gets angry over the suspicion of a second hand in their election?

Bullshit.....i hope its really true....and its a payback in their own coin.……

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