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RSS Jeffreyone

Reward Points:687
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10 most recent arguments.
jeffreyone(687) Clarified
1 point

I obviously don't need that.

Ok . Rephrase . you apparently do.

how does a deity randomly selecting it out of infinite possibilities comfort you

Why does my comfort concern you unbeliever?

than the atheist interpretation that you won't exist if there was any difference in when your mother conceived?

At least i find comfort in not being atheist.

And the least consideration of their opinions will be very discomforting.

1 point

Trump shouldn't be president. He is president. MIC Drop...............b........................

jeffreyone(687) Clarified
1 point

Hello e:

You have to look no further than this very site.. Just this morning, a died in the wool Atheist wondered if it's ok to STEAL grapes from your local grocery store..

A christian, ME, told him that it's NOT.. Apparently, the book Christians use to tell them how to behave is working so good, and THAT'S why the world needs christians.


jeffreyone(687) Clarified
1 point

Whenever you're finding difficulty in beating me in an argument, then you result geographical intelligence thinking it's an Ace in your quiver.

You need where you live to validate your wit?

Had you not been born there, it would have been a pityful disaster.

God is merciful. You should thank Him for letting you been born there.

jeffreyone(687) Clarified
1 point

I wonder what you are trying to say with those two.

I have a spiderman puzzle. I arranged it and gave it to you then you edit it by throwing away some of the parts of the puzzle and you later tell me you don't get the picture.


2 points

Because God the father has a final score to settle with satan and his army.

So jesus must come and rescue his brothers and sisters from the chaos before it starts.

jeffreyone(687) Clarified
1 point

Why is moralist on your list?

Being a moralist or doing good doesn't qualify you for heaven.

Abraham as at the time christ hadn't arrived was just a moralist.

God said, your best of righteousness is like a filthy rag before me.

Only salvation (grace) can save anyone.

Don't be shocked to see very good(according to their own and part of society's standards ofcourse(standard of sinners)) people in hell.

jeffreyone(687) Clarified
1 point

Even an insane apocalypse writer knew that centuries ago.

You're insane to say this when it was predicted 1900yrs before and you go ahead to bring it up when you know 1900yrs after something has circulated it becomes common knowledge.

I have a plan with which such incessant religious ideas about the end of the world can be quieted

Fucking shit, it wouldn't mean anything to me.

Jesus warned of false prophets and prophesies and infact there are more satanic christian churches than the genuine ones.80:20

If jesus said he himself doesn't know the hour for his coming, why would anyman know?

All these people do is try to identify the signs said to come to pass before the actual day which is unknown.........

But very much many have clearly and undisputably come to pass.

And also, your fight against christianity is a stupid fight.

If you were a christian, you would understand no one has your time.

jeffreyone(687) Clarified
1 point


jeffreyone(687) Clarified
1 point

............................................... .。。。。....................................

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