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RSS Jeffreyone

Reward Points:1137
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10 most recent arguments.

Oh my God always back to stage one.

What do you think is genetic coding in DNA? It's a program. I don't need to debate this; why humans have two eyes, one head, a tongue etc....

Don't make me sick.

jeffreyone(1137) Clarified
1 point

Goodnight.....................................................................They you are a boy but you sound like a hole..............................

jeffreyone(1137) Clarified
1 point

Well Trump didn’t alter the capital of a nation either.

Look, i have an exam(psychology) tomorrow which i was studying for till i decided to take a 20mins break to relax my head by creating this debate and you are not going to frustrate me (not now) with the way you deny facts annoyingly. I came to cool off not steam up.


The guy who prophecied ofcourse..


jeffreyone(1137) Clarified
1 point

The prophecy says Trump not America. Why not before or after him? Is he a trump advisor or vice president?

jeffreyone(1137) Clarified
1 point

I posted the link in the first month of the year, 7month and twelve month now this december.

Mere denial does not change facts.

That will be your own foolishness.

Realise it in the last stage when you are in hell...

Good evening.

Go to Africa -Ghana. Get two body guards. Get a hotel room and rest.

Message me the next and i'll you a number to call.

It will only take 5days.

How pathetically ironic it is when the pot calls the kettle black..........................................................

I'm fairly sure he believes in evolution.

Yeah believe indeed. Extremist blind bigoted Believers of a greek myth.

Darwinism is a really strong religion.

ghost of darwin turned evil god.

Saying he believes in evolution. alone makes it sound weird(discomfort). As if you are paid to promote something you clearly know is fake and you are happy with a good job done(but a bit worried about his little resistance so you are compelled to give a pleasant report to the members of the fellowship)...

lol u guys are like occultists.

You cannot make someone is ignorant by just saying so.

You are yet to prove why.

As for now, the only ignorant person i see here is you, you proved it in how you are addressing his challenge.

2 points

If per the location of my business, the culture and religion of the people are anti gay and having a gay employee is going to affect working relationships between collegues and customers, why would i take that unhealthy risk for my business? It is my private business not a government public property. If i don't want a guy in diapers in my company, it is my hard earned capital that landed the company there and i came with a vision and some stupid force law to my displeasure will not stand the way of my vision desires for the company.

The government never gave me money to start the business, if it wants, it should create businesses for gays.

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Country: Korea (North)

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