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RSS Jeffreyone

Reward Points:962
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10 most recent arguments.
jeffreyone(962) Clarified
1 point

Is homosexuality scientifically logical?(using excretory organ as a sexual organ) or Politically correct....

How many christians are killing fortune you have the stats?(Fortune tellers killed by christians specifically for being a fortune teller).

And how come that is all you see the in the bible?

You appear to be the biggest moron and illiterate on the bible

Your style of argument is the common technique of morons and it is very symbolic of atheists across every debate website across the globe. When are yous gonna make a real intelligent case so we address it as such...

Don't tell me you are the only one using this style , are you?

Every atheist spits the same thing and a person's religious belief of atheism can easily known where ever the individual uses this same lame clicheric technique; you need not mention anymore you are an atheist then.

If atheism isn't a collectively religion, you should have unique cases and intelligent ones ofcourse, being addressed with open mindedness on both sides instead of your constant inane bigotry and illiteracy(very symbolic of your religion)you serve us for breakfast, lunch and supper....we've had enough.

carbon dating and the theory of evolution.

There is no science in the world that has proven the nonexistence of God...not in the slightest.

If you insist then you are indeed without doubt/dispute the greatest illiterate your schools , country and earth has ever produced in history.

You say christianity is a myth and you run to follow another myth more dangerous than christianity; Darwinism.

Because that is more sound doctrine to support your beliefs.....

Atheists always get it twisted.

You people think assuming the position of an atheist automatically makes you inteligent.

For this general societal misconception, i have come across so many morons just like your shameless self who think they hold the atheism green card so their senselessness is worth/equal to/even greater than my sensibility.

And it's a real pity.

This misconception makes more people stupid by the day; the shortcut to being tagged intelligent is denouncing the existence of God.

And whenever a genuinely highly witted christian encounters any atheist, he is supposed to be intimated because.........?(Of another senseless reason)...

Admit it you actualy think every one here claiming to be atheist is highly intelligent than any God believing person here automatically, and you don't need to back it(do you?when the majority here are atheists and will not demand that from you, that is all the backing you need; Research complete).

If you are ever fooled by your stupidity or society that you are intelligent, then you have a lot of homework to do.

If you want to prove it genuinely, Then you have to bring up a genuine, unique and intelligent case against the existence of God with all open mindedness and lets see you win or concede instead of your senseless arguments that has no bearing.

jeffreyone(962) Clarified
1 point

the world has gone fucking mad

Since a book of principles was tagged a myth(unfounded) and flashed down our toilets; Bible.

1 point

Nice offer but i don't eat votes. I have been here for a year and people here in less time have twice the points i have why? i am no votes greedy.

To the main point i have done this too many times and i got bored of doing it over and over for several past months.

Recently some atheist set up a debate to say jesus didn't exist(search) and he was disgraced bitterly by mostly fellow atheists who had the knowledge and mastered dignity to admit it(rare).

If you are open minded, you can take a day or two surfing the internet for all existing evidence for your own perusal.

I will check my bookmarks later and see if i still have the links to my evidence.

I don't want to argue with my own words, it's tiring. How many more of you are gonna come and ask for the same thing at different time intervals (Library keepers).

1 point

What do you expect? There are over 2000 languages and tribes in Africa.

The fall of babylon wasn't a break down of their gates but a break down of communication; increase in different languages spoken(tribalistic).

When some groups were to build a tower high up to the heavens, God destroyed it not with an army but multiplied their languages and they went separate ways.

Whether a myth or not it sends the same message.

Also african independent governments should make the right efforts as independent coountries to develop....but that isn't the case when 80% of leaders are smelly corrupt and money greedy.

Yet africans don't care how one is corrupt as long as it's their tribes man leading the nation.

They don't care how intelligent you are or benevolent your agenda is for the country if you are not a tribe man.

They are inward looking.

But it is different with a few other tribes.

jeffreyone(962) Clarified
1 point

Very good answer. Remote escape.

By the way i still don't believe you are a man after so many months ago since you told me you are.

jeffreyone(962) Clarified
1 point

America plans to clash and crush Russia in the future as part of the one world government agenda and north korea is just a nuissance.

South America will be sabotaged and kept poor and bitter and too weak economically to rise and transcend into being a world security competition in nukes. They will be tagged with paranoia and baseless mantra.

Africa will be too busy focused on developing it's economic state and resolving internal tribal wars to be paying attention to international security defence.

And America being nice to Africa, they gain favour in the eyes of African leaders and will be ready to volunteer their soldiers to back America in war.

The whole of Europe is already on the side America.

South Korea is already America's bitch.

America is the guy who recks your car, later repairs it and expects you to be grateful to him instead of calling it even.

That is what they did to japan.

Destroyed japan, built japan and made japan his forever grateful bitch.

America was tryna use business to strengthen friendship with china and eventually make it's bitch as tried to impose it's dictated sanction to force china to ensure North korea goes on it's knees(apparent). In an attempt to put china in a tight corner, but china still has a lot of will power to resist America's aggressive oppression. America's plan to make russia hostile is failing bitterly.

And would have worked smoothly if not for that tiny country called north korea. Who is capable of single handedly washing away all america's allies in Asia.

America trying to deal with them brings emnity between they and China instead of friendship.

But if north korea is defeated, and added to the south's.

And china is made a big ass American bitch(impossible), All of Europe, America, most of Africa together will defeat Russia.

Israel or pakistan wouldn't dare to defend russia because they will do that at their own puerile.

Though they will resist one world government, America will go ahead with it with most countries ready to bow.

South Americans may become anti North American terrorists, and that will give North America a justifiable reason to crush them finally and take control.

If any other smaller countries resist new world order, they will be sabotaged on international trade and after years of starvation the people may pull down their own presidents with protests and let America in.......

America wins...

But this will forver be an American dream.

It will never happen.

North korea may be defeated but

China will never be America's bitch.

Russia will never be isolated.

Africa is not willing to go to war for America no matter the economic support.

South America will be atleast stable.

Mission failed.

jeffreyone(962) Clarified
1 point

African presidents were so stupid for signing the Non-proliferation treaty forgetting that a country does not only survive on economic progress but also security. God gave living things ability to eat and fight aswell for survival and none of the two is neglectable no matter what.

Even Israel, God's beloved land did not sign the goddamn treaty.

Africans keep sending highly enriched uranium to china in compliance to the treaty; the stupid mistake Qadafi made.

He focused so much on economic strength and he achieved it but in the latter days when the idea of nuclear weapons popped up in in his mind, he couldn't get any further because America was already popping a common bullet to his brain.

Had he made any better progress, his case would have been like north korea's kim jong un.

Kim learnt his lessons well and prefers to starve than giving up on his nuclear weapons.

Russia also did that sometime ago...they would rather starve just to strengthen security.

And the enemy they fear is a common one, the united states of America.

Look how trump easily threatens venezuella with nukes....

jeffreyone(962) Clarified
1 point

Who are Americans? African Americans, European descent Americans, Naturalised American israelites, Chinese, Trump?, or red indians?

jeffreyone(962) Clarified
1 point

Hey atheist!! why are you so upsessed with some religion.

Is your life not satifying enough for you without being a troll?

1 point

"The oldest shipwreck that we have discovered so far of that area is around 500 BC, classical period," Ballard said. "But the question is you just keep searching. It's a matter of statistics."

Still, Ballard said the find gives him hope that he will discover something older "because there, in fact, the deep sea is the largest museum on Earth," he said.

Ballard does not think he will ever find Noah's Ark, but he does think he may find evidence of a people whose entire world was washed away about 7,000 years ago. He and his team said they plan to return to Turkey next summer.,+solomon+exist&gws; rd=cr&dcr;=0&ei;=9OLgWc2lJcaWgAbx3bywCw

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