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RSS Jeffreyone

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10 most recent arguments.
jeffreyone(1190) Clarified
1 point

Your first statement sounds self confused if i relate to the previous posts.

Second, because you ask why doesn't mean a tree shouldn't be there.

Thirdly you seem to preach yourself with your conjured speculations.

If you have become your own preacher, with customised meaning of bible texts, you have become your own god leading yourself and your own church, that is who an atheist is; an imperfect self justified hopeless man.

Am done with you.

jeffreyone(1190) Clarified
1 point

When they ate the fruit, they did not know.

God told them not to eat.

There wouldn't be a tree that makes humans live forever, if humans already live forever.

They were eternal beings that is why God said the day you shall eat of this tree, you will surely die. They got exposed to corruption the day they ate of the tree,they lost a glorious eternal body and a holy soul, the body will rot but the soul is still eternal in it's unholiness and shall only suffer in hell; the dumpsite for corrupted things.

God did not want man to have the fruit. But later ,jesus came into the picture again to serve as the fruit of eternal life,God gave a second chance.

You cannot use youe weak carnal logic to dictate there shouldn't be a tree of life. If there was a tree of knowledge and corruption how much more that of life?God created every thing there should be. If they weren't already eternal beings and were already made to die, why would God again tell them they will die if they ate from the tree(sounds lame. )

jeffreyone(1190) Clarified
1 point

When they ate the fruit, they did not yet know good from evil, yet they are judged and condemned for their actions.

They already knew, that is why when God came to search for them, they were hiding and they complained they were naked for the first time in their existence. They indeed knew good and bad. It is the tree of knowledge....oh come on!

Again, there would not have been a tree of everlasting life, if man already had it.

There were many fruits of various functions, they weren't surving on nutrients because they were everlasting beings already. They were clean and pure. But they disobeyed God and became dirty and vulnerable. The tree of everlasting life wouldn't have made them holy again, it would have made them immortal sinners. One sin is enough to draw you away from God. God had had enough of lucifer a mere angel, imagine a human his own image..... the fear of death will make man humble onto God. And the only way man can be saved is through jesus christ, he will give the everlasting life attached purity and holiness. He is now the fruit if life. If you don't want to repent unto holiness, he cannot let you eat of the eternal life so we don't have anymore immortal sinners. The way, the truth and life, no one comes to the father except through him. Humans have to repent. People who don't repent open the way through sin for satan(Meaning adversary) to flood his suffering(sickness, wars, mental/emotional torment, addictions=adversary) into the world. Humans are stuck in the middle. You have to choose.

jeffreyone(1190) Clarified
1 point

“The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil

Man ate from tree of knowledge and knew how to differentiate good and evil.

So there he deserved to be judged for his actions either good for reward or evil for condemnation. God's preprovosion was to make man as innocent as a toddler so he cannot judge him.

But when the experiment failed, it was unwise to allow man live as an immortal life not because man can do good only but can also be evil. God was already dealing with one deadly evil immortal and his arny; Satan. The evil man there could have been was caine who killed his brother.Imagine that guy still alive today, and God to handle another race of intelligent immortals. Imagine adolf hitler still living now forever? The earth would be destroyed by nukes today aswell as other planets, perhaps humans will be living in individual space ships as homes. Infact there will be wars all the time because there will be no fear of loss of lives, no one will even check before crossing the road, Trump would have nuked Nk already and NK will nuke japan, China will nuke taiwan, Russia will nuke America, Israel will nuke pakistan and others everlasting constant wars, if you were God what would you do?

jeffreyone(1190) Clarified
1 point

Wow your bible is very strange, your story seems new to me. I don't know who took you to church in your childhood and what kind of church but am not surprised you hate God.

It's biologically unacceptable and unhealthy. Look at the human annatomy and if the dick is made for the anus, why would it break over time of several penetration unlike the design of the vagina and i would have to tolerate some grown ass man in diapers stinking of faeces. Every gay has a disease related to the anus, every one of them who bends over. More than 40% of gays in the world have STD's. It is the fastest sex to get an STD(America's male marine team fuck themselves for lack feminine holes) And they don't keep it to themelves especially those stupid confused bisexuals. It is abuse of human nature and organs caused by a mental misorder and sometimes emotuonal confusion. These gays need mental clinics not rights.

jeffreyone(1190) Clarified
1 point

Only you could think like this. Two men and you thinking about sex, how?.......what the hell is wrong your brain cables?

You are hopeless.

Donald trump is a brainwashed racist. His father and mother likewise he became, were ku klux klan(s)

I don't have to explain who the KKKs are.

Also in his recent speech about shitholes.

He didn't say he had a problem with immigration. He said he didn't have a problem with immigration of people from countries like Norway and not people like Africans or haitians.

So it clearly states he has a problem Africans and haitians, not immigration.

Ok, you can defend him however you want but he is racist as a tiger will always be tiger and cannot be confused with a leopard no matter how you may debate it.


jeffreyone(1190) Clarified
1 point

No matter how you say it he will never accept he is a racist. Maybe he has a secret dictionary for his definitions.

known for Black people

I like your honesty. Only uneducated minds will still deny.

It is also

Nice way to make your next/actual point.

Do you have any mental image of a shithole? you call a human settlement that? Who shits in that hole?You? Are you better/important/globally influential than every individual there?

Why do European/Asian/American companies seek customers there for their products to make money. If africa shoul block international trade/impiorts, do you know the damage it will do to foreign companies and countries as a whole. All raw materials can be grown in Africa.

Infact if africa stops exports the world will stop having tea and chocolate lol(a quip, but factual).…… Pray Africa never establishes all factories to refine all their natural resources. In other words pray africa remains a shithole

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