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RSS Jeffreyone

Reward Points:854
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10 most recent arguments.
jeffreyone(854) Clarified
1 point

His boy won't come here because it is a strategy(a very poor one ofcourse) to cause traffic on his new blog/site or whatever... meanwhile he is still a product of wix.

I could teach him a proper way...but won't be for free on my mind

jeffreyone(854) Clarified
1 point

4) You are almost certainly a full grown adult, yet behave as though you are actually a 13 year old boy (thanks to whichever mind virus you might have)

I particularly support this one. I could accept his opinions better if told me he is less than 17yrs....i would whole heartedly believe him even as a lie or not of all the lies he has told

jeffreyone(854) Clarified
1 point

First of all try to buy your son a domain because no matter how well your strategy to cause traffic on his site goes, he still only a product of wix.

I can really do alot with a phone number alone and you add email too?....

But i don't have his time and i could let a nigerian scammer know but apparently your son is too broke to afford an $18 domain and he gets his dad to get him traffic on his site so he can start earning.

And it is done in the most idiotic way email and phone number....?

He couldn't be any smarter than you are;a chip of the old block.

He is still young so his stupidity must be very energetic and as stretchy as his height you boast of and like dermot said can be expressed in six languages.....

Man! your son has got to go Oscars /grammy next year.....

I thought these were only in the movies...(nice story line) but you doing it for real? because i know at least i am not a hollywood actor? or perhaps i am enjoying interesting dream...

1 point

I believe this is only the beginning. More selective catastrophies to come. Politicians and Doctors behind fake evidence of gay being genetic are soon to face theirs. Old evil men are soon to die. Their indoctrined offsprings are going to be worse especially with a long life ahead. Children suffer for their parents evil. People will deny invisible superior forces behind it. So let's all call it Darwinian natural selection......more acceptable by you

1 point

What gives a country the right to permit or not another country to make weapons. Especially when America is ranked number two in the world only north korea is number 9.

You are a stupid American to say bomb the shit outta em... You think the world belongs to you? How about Russia threatens America to stop making weapons or they nuke em....would you be saying the same shit?

You are only stupid to think north korea is alone....

Dare attack em'

1 point

What has christian faith(believing is seeing; miracles) got to do with creationism(History of real people, Kings, places, Dating etc, Archaelogy, Astrology, Mathematics; Science).

jeffreyone(854) Clarified
1 point

Myths like darwinism shouldn't be taught in schools but to families................。。。。.......................

1 point

Yeah, with some documents backing me up i can be a shape shifter. I am still wondering if michael jackson was white, black or of some alienated neutral race since he stopped taking the black entertainment awards and i don't know if whites accept him as white.

Lately this year, A man removed his kcid and neither replaced it with a anigav. He went neutral gender alien...and the first on the planet officially.

Crazy world. Sorry, Liberal

1 point

I am God but why is bill gate richer than me?

I don't know who i will come across tomorrow, why is my knowldge still limited even if i read every book in the world?, why should i get beaten by some fever organisms etc.....

1 point

If any evolution happened, it is the same old aristotle's sane theory of evolution stolen from the school of mystics of Ancient Egypt which strongly oppose the darwinian greek myth which for the past 4000years has never been witnessed or recorded anywhere in history.

Is there any dinasour bone discovered by any paleontologist that has the feature of a bird in half transition mode into a dinasour? or fish into a crocodile? Show me.

Darwinians don't know jack about bones or paleontology. They use the work findings of others who disagree with their pseudo-theory , ignore the discoverers opinions , use it to back darwinism with another pseudo conclusion ofcourse.

If you want to really know the answers behind discoveries of any animal species, read George Cuvier's(father of paleontology) findings and conclusions.

But if you want to be a good politician read more of darwinism.

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