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RSS Jeffreyone

Reward Points:1241
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God................................ ........... .......................,............................................................. ..........................................

Schools have rules (do(s) and don't(s)) because they have a vision. Students do not usually understand and get upset about rules. Wise men have visions, entrepreneurs have visions, Societies/Nations have visions, God has visions revealed as prophecies. But man scavenges for mere sight; what he can immediately see, and it's such a pity.

I feel like my debate

"Idisagreethattheonlyconstantthingischange" is being mocked.

I am simply saying Creators or Designers or authors or Masterminds will always be a constant factor. Even a crime committed has a mastermind who triggered it. Be it emotional , physical, psychological it will always be triggered by someone, or something. Who cares if the creator has a creator? What the relationship is , is about a specific event and it's author(s) or Masterminds. If you wish to investigate who caused the causer of that event into existence, that is an entirely different case as well.

You know my business communication lecturer used to say it a lot in class so much that it began to offend me and I decided you to think outside the myth ...and I trust what I was able to make up

Nothing means has no characteristics like design, location, name, density, age, etc. Even these are characteristics. Nothingness is an impossibility. Every nothing can still be defined with characteristics and will definitely make it something.

If you have nothing in your bank account, at least it has your name on it.

If you have nothing in your refrigerator, at least we know the location of that nothing; in refrigerator. We can tell it's size limits and temperature, etc. Ability to describe it makes it something.

You can make history if you give an example of a perfect nothing, then we go ahead and swap it with something of every-thing which will include no-thing. Zero is a number.

Bro Nothing will be born when Grandma Description dies.

jeffreyone(1241) Clarified
1 point

At least you can know the state you will be in.

Check out:

Supporting Evidence: German scientists prove life after death (

You were able to type this question because you are a spirit in your body. You will one day depart from the body and get the answer for yourself. You will realise you were looking for evidence of spirits while you were and always have and will be one.

That said, I think internet fraud should be encouraged in Africa more than ever as corruption has gone higher than ever. Very transactional.

Why don't you create your own debating forum with a bias towards global issues thus encouraging more international and multiracial participants?

I didn't notice earlier but this sentence doesn't make sense. How can you say bias and say global, multiracial, international? Have you come across any dictionary defining the word bias? Can your browser even search for the meaning of bias on any search engine?

Senseless shit.

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Winning Position: Agree
Winning Position: The liars and abusive guys here always play victim why?
Winning Position: This site should be renamed CreatedebateAmerica.
Winning Position: "Shithole countries"-Trump am glad Africa heard it for themselves
Winning Position: How many other realms of reality could possibly exist.

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Gender: Fellow
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Country: Korea (North)

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