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RSS Jeffreyone

Reward Points:1223
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jeffreyone(1223) Clarified
1 point

Another over used word for the past 1&1/2 years... Is that all you got ?. If these things hurt me do you think I would still be on createdebate after all these months? Lol...anyone I have told about your racist vulgarity felt sad or infuriated and would never come on here to debate. However, I am still here, it should tell you how insignificant you or words are to me. I don't consider you a wise person just a fool enjoying his rights to freedom of speech regardless if he is making sense or not. There are many people like you I have come across, I hope you don't feel specially foolish. There are so many of you. Fools like you always feel wiser and beat people with experience in foolishness. Have fun.

During the times of the old testament, there were constant wars among many nations wanting to expand their kingdoms. You always had to have your army ready for war at anytime. Every nation believed in some supernatural being to guide them to victory in war just as Israel had God of Abraham. It was either you conquer and enslave or you get conquered and become slaves. There was not much choice left for any nation and they all loved the system because they were power greedy. Humans run the earth and God supports those who serve Him. He is Holy just because he is not bound by the human laws of morality because He made them (they are beneath Him) for his creations. He supported Israel when they were obedient to win wars and take slaves and when they were disobedient He gave them to their enemies as slaves....Sounds fair enough. That was the system of that era. Earth was made for men to run.

system in Ghana also

You've been using this Tag(Ghanaian) for almost 2yrs now, it's so old(cliche), and boring now, just as Dermot himself. Don't you have any new jokes? C'mon, try and think harder (if you are capable of thinking).

I have no comments................................ ,............,..........,........................

In which dictionary can I find youropia please?.................................................. . .....

I have been on the receiving end of his racist vituperation, too

Please proof?

So where did I say white women particularly enjoy being raped? That is the mismatch with your accusations; Lies.

Take note: These are facts i gathered from websites where people shared their rape experiences

Not my personal opinions but gatherings from real victims' statements.

jeffreyone(1223) Clarified
1 point

Your skill as a liar still stainless. Your record as a pathological liar still unbroken. You should start making money lying.

Finally, someone caught the vision. Hallelujah... You are healed of myopia.

2 points

Morally wrong means sinning against or harming your nature. Your nature includes; yourself, fellow man and Creator. If your belief is harmful to any of these, it is morally wrong. And the vice versa for beliefs that are "morally right".

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Winning Position: The liars and abusive guys here always play victim why?
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Winning Position: How many other realms of reality could possibly exist.
Tied Positions: who cares vs. New life(style)

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Name: wiwi kh
Gender: Fellow
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Korea (North)

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