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RSS Jimslim2020

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1 point

''Love is silly, crazy, odd, different and sometimes even discomforting. Love is so many things you don't realize till you actually experience it, and it isn't necessarily positive, because media and other things make the image of love flawed. Love hurts''

Do I agree with love being silly?

I do not agree that love is foolish. I believe people just lack common sense and spoil love.

Do I agree love is crazy?

I do not believe having an adorned affection for someone or something is clarification for love to be a mental derangement.

Do I agree love is odd?

When I learned that loving and hating are the exact same in premise and are only different by the degree. Much like hot and cold they are not separate things but different interpretations of the same thing. So yes, I suppose love is odd.

Do I agree love is different?

I don't know how love can be different therefore no comment.

Do I agree love is discomforting?

It can most certainly be discomforting.

Do I agree love is so many things?

No, I do not agree love is many things. I believe love is influenced by many things.

Do I agree love is not necessarily positive?


Love is so many things you don't realize till you actually experience it, and it isn't necessarily positive, because media and other things make the image of love flawed

Love is one type of experience. Absolute love is absolute affection for everything.

If you are not experiencing affection for anything then you have never experienced love. This is why I disagree with her statement because love can not be many things. It is only the adoration for something or someone or some place. It can not be manipulated by media. In other words she would inevitably be talking about sex. In which case I might have to agree with her because there are many sex positions.

Love hurts.

I disagree. Losing the return of love hurts. (example: You love someone so much you call them on the phone. Two days pass and you have not been called back and you are hurt to find out later that that person had no intentions of calling you back.)


I heavily disagree with this quote.

1 point

would it be wrong to assume that you are desensitized due to over exposure?

What would be an interesting debate?

If you answered that question then make it. :)

jimslim2020(34) Clarified
1 point

2. the body of a human being.


1.Existence: "the railroad brought many towns into being".

2.Living; being alive.


The fact or state of living or having objective reality.

So, that means you are agreeing with me that "human being" is a reference to a living human and not a dead human. Correct?

If you are agreeing with me then the two terms have slightly different meanings. Correct?

If A and B are correct, then thank you.

1 point

High taxes are better for the economy. However, they are not good for society. Government does spread money around. It buys things... even debt oddly enough. Saving money is not good for the economy.

1 point

It depends on many factors. If the option of aborting the child was the better logical outcome for my survival or If I was forced to carry a child I myself did not ask for then the answer is ultimately yes.

1 point

I'd still have an excuse to be late. The ability to tell time does not constitute the ability to be late. Traffic-jams are a great example to support my argument. Sometimes even with the best intentions and knowledge of time. Things can become unavoidable.

1 point

It isn't much different from the previous iOS. I didn't like the old one much either.

0 points

It has the genetic code of a human. I don't know people can deny this.

Does this imply that all human genetic codes are the same?

What else is it, if not a human? Is it a giraffe? Is it a penguin? Is it ant? Is it ocelot? Is it a hippopotamus? Is it a rhino?

If not a human? It could logically be everything there; few and far in between. Technically.

No, not all at once.

1 point

When people on the internet become as annoying as they are in real life?

They are 10x more annoying on the internet.

2 points

Think of the best super power you can under these criterion;

1) The super power must be so insignificant, it never attracts news coverage

2) It must have no dramatic impact on your or others lives

3) It cannot cause inevitable death or life.


The ability to always be able to tell the time of day or night without the need of any visual guides. Anywhere in the world including the change in timezones. Down to the second.

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