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RSS Jinsung10

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1 point

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man has one less blind eye.

He also has one more non-blind eye.

Why do you always deliberately leave out half of the story?

1 point

Hi Ex Con.

So what do you do with your life when you're not busy lying about being Jewish?

1 point

So far as I know, time is not a dimension of space, it is its own type of dimension. Space and time are linked, but they are not the same thing.

Without space, time does not exist. Hence, time is part of space.

jinsung10(12) Clarified
1 point

I've read several actually.

No, you definitely have not. But you can start here:-

In 1908, Hermann Minkowski presented a paper consolidating the role of time as the fourth dimension of spacetime, the basis for Einstein's theories of special and general relativity. space

jinsung10(12) Clarified
1 point

Sure but I always hear them referred to separately

Not if you listen to astrophysicists. They refer to it as space-time.

you will hear people say "there are ten spatial dimensions plus time"

Quantum physicists may say this, but time works differently for them.

but I've never heard it stated that time is actually a dimension of space

Then you've never read a physics book.

1 point

Is time a dimension of space?

Where space is warped time is warped. For example, in a gravity field. This supports the idea that time is a dimension of space.

jinsung10(12) Clarified
1 point

Yeah, but the fact of their existence illustrates that majority rule can just as easily be mob rule, and no more just.

How do you feel this sentence applies to the War In Iraq?

1 point

That’s the only thing you got right.

Thanks. So are you going to explain why your language propagandises fascist ideology or not?

That’s a lie.

I don't lie. The first time you have ever denied being Jewish was thirty minutes ago, and I've raised the subject with you over a dozen times previously.

1 point

First, I’m not supporting those laws

Stop backtracking please. Your language was very clear. You are supporting those laws.

Second, YOU claim I’m Jewish, not me.

I asked you whether you are Jewish several months ago and you admitted that you are.

you call me a liar.

It is not a matter of opinion that you are a liar. It is an empirical truth.

1 point

Are you asking if I think that’s an ugly history?

I am asking why you are supporting laws "TRULY backed by the majority" which were "oppressive to some disliked minority" when it was these same laws which were responsible for the persecution of Jews in Germany. Since you claim yourself to be Jewish, I would like to know whether you feel any sense of irony or shame to be purposefully propagandising Nazi ideology.

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