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RSS Jlrswimgleek

Reward Points:11
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Omg that would be sooooo cool but what if they steal my identity lol

people have to pay taxes for this! somethign needs to be done about it!

jlrswimgleek(11) Clarified
1 point

that comment is pretty funny and i up voted it but i still dont agree with u :p

jlrswimgleek(11) Clarified
1 point

lol i didnt think i did but now i just up voted u... sorry about that. :p

jlrswimgleek(11) Clarified
1 point

no im not trying to be mean but i was just wondering if u were a hippy. im not trying to be rude....

jlrswimgleek(11) Clarified
1 point

im not any of those things. morons are retards. i happen to have a 4.0 average. im 13 and in 10th grade (skipped a grade) and its not an abomination. they love who they love so GET OVER IT! and ps im not gay, im not bi, im not homo. im straight but people have their own choices and if they choose this path, well thats their choice. dont tell them not to be somebody they r not. ps, a faggot is a bundle of sticks. whos the moron now?!

2 points

Im 13 but if i had the chance to vote, it would be romney. my school voted and sadly, obama won. peopl dont know what they are doing obviously. they must have voted the wrong person lol :p

they can be whoever they want to be. you dont have the right to tell them not to be something they r not! thats like the holocaust all over again. have you people really come to that again. racism over someone cuz u dont like that?! then ignore them. but just shut the hell up about it.

im 13. i cant drink but i watch politics and my parents dont know who to vote for cuz they dont watch politicians speak. i know exactlyy who do vote for, romney. my grade average is a 4.0 im in 10th grade (skipped a grade) and what obama is doing to this country is NOT okay!

lol i am confused....... r u like a hippy or something cuz u sound like one and ur pic is a peace sign.

Winning Position: No, thats just wrong.

About Me

"I'm only 14 so don't go hard on me!"

Biographical Information
Gender: Girl
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Catholic
Education: High School

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