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RSS Joebloggs

Reward Points:122
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0 points

Trump WILL be impeached by January 1, 2018..

You ARE Jewish. No question.

1 point

There is no probability

Ah, then I must be imagining this:-

0 points


Your thinking is demonstrably flawed. For example, you can argue I don't know for an absolute fact that you are the poster formally known as @FactMachine, but the truth is that you are the poster formally known as @FactMachine. Hence, your logic breaks down in its application.

It is true that nothing is ever certain, but it is simultaneously true that it doesn't need to be in order to make informed decisions. Belief in the law of probability is logical because the law of probability is demonstrable. Hence, if there is a 70 percent chance something is true then it is more logical to believe it than not, because there is only a 30 percent chance that it is not true.

joebloggs(122) Clarified
1 point

When someone addresses a 180 day old post, my policy is to troll them.

That's strange. Whenever anybody brings up Trump you address a black man who hasn't been President for over 380 days.

Well, I say strange, but what I actually mean is that it is strange to anybody who doesn't already know what a disingenuous, lying little hypocrite you are.

1 point

Ad hominems aren't going to help you here

You are doing it again. You just falsely accused the other guy of ad hominem and in THE VERY NEXT SENTENCE accused Obama of being "Stalinesque".

Either you don't understand what ad hominem is (very possible) or (more likely) you are lying on behalf of whoever is paying you.

1 point

Please, do explain what a random link of a German parade from 1938

Please explain what you find "random" about a video of a military parade which I have posted in a debate about military parades. Your false language is just positively idiotic.

has to do with American military parades.

Are you under the impression that America invented the military parade, you fucking idiot?

I'd love to see how the brain of an embacile works

Ahahahahahahahahaha! I'd love to learn why you keep accusing everybody else of exactly what you are guilty of yourself. You can't speak your own language and for the last four hours you have used puppet accounts to upvote every one of your own comments.

Why you haven't been banned from this site is frankly beyond my ability to fathom. You are the most blatant paid shill I have ever stumbled across in all my years of using the internet.

1 point

I “follow” Judaism

You don't believe in the Abrahamic God, idiot. So no, you do not follow Judaism.

Why do you refuse to bend the knee to the law of reason?

6000 years ago my ancestors were slaves in Egypt

Nobody can trace their direct family tree back 6,000 years. Not even royalty, you complete idiot. Even if you could, it would still not make Jews a race.

I'm done with this. You're being completely stupid and I've no time for it.

Plus, I didn’t know that I was 97% Ashkenazi Jewish

You made that precise claim you lying piece of shit.

If you are going to blatantly lie then how are you any better than someone like bronto?

0 points

My #1 suspect? Brontoraptor.

It is very possible that bronto is someone's shill, though not necessarily the Russians'.

However, it is also possible that he is just a moron, albeit a particularly dishonest and bigoted one.

That isn't to say that he doesn't have an agenda, of course, but rather that it might be his own instead of anybody else's.

1 point

In fact, the last time we had this conversation you purported to be "97 percent Ashkenazi Jewish" and presented this as your evidence.

Despite several attempts to educate you, as I recall you left the conversation under the same false impression that Jews are a race.

2 points

Hi Con.

You do not follow Judaism and your ancestors were Europeans.

I could literally convert to Judaism today and be more Jewish than you are, so I am afraid you are just being ridiculous every time you claim to be Jewish.

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