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4 points

Maybe, but if your argument is that Americans aren't stupid enough to vote in the Nazis without any help, then I beg to differ.

Haters gon hate. Nazis gon Nazi.

1 point

DNA ancestry tests branded 'meaningless'

Commercial DNA tests that claim to tell people whether they are related to Richard III or descended from the Vikings are no more than "genetic astrology", scientists have warned.

1 point

DNA ancestry tests branded 'meaningless'

Commercial DNA tests that claim to tell people whether they are related to Richard III or descended from the Vikings are no more than "genetic astrology", scientists have warned.

2 points

I wouldn't have any problem with it if bronto was just mistaken, but he actually knows full well he's lying, which is the part I can't get my head around. Why would he lie to protect people who murdered 3,000 Americans? Nobody who is not a psychopath would do that.

joebloggs Clarified
2 points

Why is it only you who is laughing?

This is just bizarre. You are so much of a pathological narcissist that you actually believe you know what other people are doing!! Forgive me, but I myself do not have special mind powers so I am unable to answer your question.

3 points

Bronto the lying Israeli Jew has just been caught linking an extreme right wing fake news website.

Supporting evidence:-

Bias: Extreme Right, Fake News

Notes: 247 News Media is a news and opinion website with an extreme right wing bias in reporting. This is another mostly fake website that originates from Macedonia. 247 News Media is listed as a fake news source according to Politifact. (6/7/2017)

When I linked this information he immediately banned me from his debate.

He is purposefully using this website to proliferate false information.

1 point

Results? Richest nation in human history.

But this is obviously a gross distortion, because only a very select few have benefited from those riches, such as Trump and his corrupt establishment cronies. Meanwhile, there are 41 million adults and 13 million children going hungry every day.

Supporting evidence:-

Something is very clearly wrong with your country if it is the "richest in human history" and yet 50 million people are still starving.

1 point

Hell yes impeach him. The Russia investigation isn't even relevant at this point because there is evidence that he has colluded with several other governments, including the Saudis, the Turks and the Israelis.

1 point

Being the equivalent of a Nazi makes one no better than a Nazi

Get it through your thick head that you are not the one who defines what a Nazi is, or what the equivalent of a Nazi is.

ESPECIALLY when you believe the Nazis were on the far left.

Are you going to denounce him for loving Hitler?

If you open up your own topic about the subject and provide evidence that he loves Hitler, then certainly. However, you are not going to do that because you are a stupid little shit who is trying to derail someone else's topic with completely irrelevant (not to mention untrue) comments.

0 points

That's because you either aren't American or have the brains of a bowl of unicorn pie.

But you didn't say only Americans know who he is you stupid little twit. You said EVERYONE knows who he is. Do you even understand English?

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