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RSS Kandice

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1 point

YOU JUST PROVED MY POINT!!! A kid dropped out of high school and becomes famous- that is a bad model for young people his age.. It should be a requirement that people have a college degree before any type of fame is offered to them. For a high school age kid to be that famous is ridiculous. He has gone through no hard ships in life to earn that status, and also has no financial concept- therefore, that means he will be blowing his money on useless things and causing his to live a frivolous lifestyle.

1 point

I agree with this- and because they are spending their money on things they shouldn't be involved with, they are also becoming bad role models for younger age people. You are also correct in saying that it would be better if they were donating this money. However, I think when people are paid such a large amount of money, they become selfish and do not even consider the idea of spending their money wisely, to help other people.

2 points

Most of these people do not use the money for retirement. If you watch the news, you see that most of these athletes and celebrities use their money for partying and nonsense, along with EXTRAVAGANT houses that are entirely too large for just themselves. The way they spend their money, causes them to participate i negative actions, causing them to also be negative role models for younger people.

0 points

Please explain how you believe they are working hard. Are they working harder than someone that has gone to college for 8 years and earned a college degree to work in a profession that is worth much less than these celebrities and athletes that have no education?

5 points

Yes, You are a handful...I support your parents. And I believe that athletes should only be paid once they have completed a college degree, therefore, you are too young.

1 point

How did they "earn" this?? Half of these people do not even have a college degree... I agree that if they are our entertainment, they should get paid, however, their pay does not need to be as extreme as it is right now. We have athletes and celebrities worth millions of dollars, but yet people that go to college, earn degrees, and EARN their positions that make not nearly this amount of money. I believe that athletes and celebrities should have their salaries cut in half, and this money should be used to increase the pay rate of job professions (such as teaching) that REQUIRE people to have a college degree.

1 point

I agree! The person that committed the crime caused harm to other people's family, so it would be the criminals fault for getting the death penalty and making their family sad.

1 point

If people know that the death penalty is a punishment, then maybe they shouldnt have committed the crime. If they comit a crime, knowing that it will result in their death, then they might deserve the death penalty- you could say that they chose that ending.

5 points

But these people that committed a crime caused pain. Wouldn't it be fair for them to receive punishment that fits their crime? Otherwise, we are paying millions of dollars every year to pay for people in jail to have food, water, clothing, television, and other things that they do not deserve if they have committed a horrible crime, such as murder.

1 point

People that commit severe crimes are normally not allowed to be around other inmates. This means that they can not harm anyone in the jail, or themselves.

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