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Yes cell phones should be allowed. Some times family emergencies occur and we have no way of getting in contact with our loved ones because teacher take them up without even giving students to plead their case, and sometime even when student do the teachers don't believe them. Also another reason, school emergencies, when an emergency occurs the school doesn't inform parents until it's too late. For example my school went on lock down and my dad never knew until i went home and told him. In some cases parent may be helpful. I know that school staff doesn't inform parents because it can cause even more chaos but for example, my dad he was in the military he is very good with guns and is responsible, say we had a school shooting he could get to my school probably faster than the cops and he would be very useful in these types of situations. The thing is i could never inform him because if i get caught texting i get in trouble especially in an emergency. I could go on but i think im gonna stop right here.

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Apple does a much better job at keeping iPhones up to date for several years. Apple's next iPhone, which is said to adopt a lot of features from Samsung, like a larger, curved screen.

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