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RSS Lego3072

Reward Points:80
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1 point

Some forms of time travel will be possible in the near future. I think that nano time travel will become possible. Labs such as DARPA have already shown this.

1 point

I truly believe that the United States Government should legalize guns because guns dont kill people, people kill people also wild boars kill people. The US should invest in mental health instead of taking away guns. The mental health in the US is nowhere close the the mental health abilities as other countries.

1 point

Obama is a bad leader!!!! He hasn't done anything for this country!!!

1 point

No he isn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He should be impeached!!!!!!!!!!! What about libya?! He got 4 Americans killed there!!!!

1 point

No i don't mean Quantum physics i mean nanotechnology. Scientist believe the only why to practice teleportation without uses humans is to practice with things that are microscopic to the naked eye but you can observe threw a microscope. It would be more safe too. We could just practice by teleporting it a couple of feet or inches. But something really small, not very big like a human. And no quantum physics isn' the answer, sorry.

1 point

Al Gore is the worst son of the bitch known to man! He is so left sided and does shit! Even though stupid assholes think he does everything!

1 point

No school shouldn't. Mainly private and catholic schools. They tend not to, well have problems.

1 point

Yes because depending on the school (its location they should have guns). Also especially if it is public where bullying could happen and that could lead to the kid wanting revenge or something so yeah, but only for specific schools.

0 points

We need to find an energy source that does require any power to run on. Nuclear energy you need energy to run it, you need works to run it, and also you need a body of water to cool of the rods.

1 point

If they expand their economy, and we keep owning them debt. Then where screwed. Also there airpower such as airports business is booming. Says popular science.

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Winning Position: No, war is never the answer!
Winning Position: College Football
Tied Positions: Believes it goes on; infinity vs. I believe it does end.
Winning Position: No, It goes on for ever.

About Me

"I am in grade school."

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Gender: Male
Age: 19
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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