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RSS Lilsaint

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2 points

The Constitution did add the Necessary and Proper clause but to keep our government turning into a tyranny we have checks and balances to keep our government from becoming too powerful. The people won't and can't be hurt from the Necessary and proper clause.

1 point

The Constitution clearly states that states can have their own militias. Meaning the federal government can not control the state militias, the actual states do and they get to elect their own officers. Another is with the standing army, they are not there to take our natural rights away, their main purpose of the standing army is to protect our country as a whole, not too turn on our own citizens.

3 points

We need the government to tax its citizens. If we get taxed all of that money is going into protecting ourselves and funding for things to make our country better such as schools, roads, communications, etc.. The anti-feds want to cut our taxes so people end up making more money but we can’t think about ourselves, if we get taxed we are also helping our country as a whole. Another very important reason to tax is that we are in debt, a big debt, and we need the money coming in so we can get out of this hole that we dug ourselves into.

2 points

The standing army is protecting the people and they are not taking our inalienable rights away. They are protecting everything we work and live for. Would you still stand by a militia and elect an officer and leave our country unguarded while we are under attack from another nation or would you side with the standing army and let them do what they are trained and prepared to do and go directly into action.

2 points

We need a standing army so that we are always prepared for a war. If a war does happen then our standing army will already be trained and prepared to defend our country. Many strong countries such as Russia and China have standing In Brutus 1 anti feds don't like the idea of a standing army, they want state militias but those prove to be ineffective, as in if a nation declares war on us we cannot build up our army quickly, it will take time and plus they will not be near as trained as a standing army. Though the federalists did listen to the anti federalists and added to The Constitution that states can have state militias but we keep the standing army as well.

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