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RSS Logicsoup

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1 point

What do you expect from a sap who uses the confederate flag as his picture?

2 points

This reminds me of a very good South Park Episode. The Episode was about the world, and how there was no religion, just a bunch of atheists, and instead of people killing each other over which religion was right or wrong, they killed each other over what atheists should call themselves, the point being that no matter what people will find gratuitous reasons to kill each other and stir up trouble, so i would have to say the world really wouldn't be that much different without religion.

1 point

Hahaha I actually saw this one last night! The interview is incredible, as I can't believe the interviewer would actually force Leary to stay on the show. He should have received a swift punch in the face for grabbing him like that. I think Leary acted pretty well considering the circumstance that he was in. I think some of what it was, is was acting funny. Like at the beginning "Im under arrest!" Hahaha that had me cracking up. But he at this time in his life he was definitely a little bit more far out. I really do think that he got involved with other drugs other than Psychedelics.

1 point

Hahaha "used Psilocybin" is about as loose as a statement as you can get my friend. The man advocated Psychedelics to his death, but none as dearly as the sacred Magic Mushroom. But yes you are correct he was also a very avid user of Cannabis as well. He was a great man, and a very extraordinary thinker, I really encourage you to look him up on Youtube, there are hours upon hours of his lectures and speeches and I learn something new on every one I watch!

1 point

Yes I would have to say that there is. I remember an interview of Morgan Freeman and when asked about Black History month, he declared that he doesn't want one, and it doesn't do anything to further the eradication of racism. Because think about it, if black history month,or the recognition of the differences and idiosyncrasies of any different race for that matter, is an attempt to be politically correct and sensitive, than it is a failure, because you are recognizing and vocalizing the differences of us human beings. Like wise, if you are on purposely going out of your way to try to avoid offending someone, because of their race (or anything else for that matter) you are treating them differently because of that thing, which is in a sense racism.

logicsoup(39) Clarified
1 point

Haha nothing to debate dude! I even would agree with you that I myself prefer Aldous Huxley over Leary. I am not familiar with Ram Dass though. Do you use Psychedelics? You don't have to answer, I just always get delighted when I meet a fellow traveler, because you're right, most people do not want to use LSD, or any Psychedelic substance for that matter, which is very sad and discouraging.

1 point

Well you are breaking it down an awful a lot.

I agree that government and economy are intrinsic to each other, but we aren't debating how interconnected which one or the other is. Im just trying to keep it simple, and answer the question. Capitalism is not a form of government (Although as stated by you, it plays an extremely important role in determining the government).

logicsoup(39) Clarified
1 point

Its all good man, simple misunderstanding. I wasn't trying to lecture you or anything, it is very clear that you know what you are talking, I was just trying to give my opinion. I am not very informed on Leary at all, I have done very minimal reading, and have only seen a couple of interviews.

logicsoup(39) Clarified
1 point

What the hell is your problem man? I didn't even down vote you. Why the fuck don't you chill the hell out?

logicsoup(39) Clarified
1 point

Im not trying to debate you. I think he was an extremely intelligent man. I think he had a lot of good insights. Feel free to disagree.

Im not trying to lecture you. Once again I am simply stating my opinion.

Yes LSD is only a tool that most people don't know how to use, but never the less, I'm sure you can agree it is an extremely powerful tool.

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"Im just a 17 year old kid trying to gain and give some insight on this crazy world."

Biographical Information
Name: Andres Linares
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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