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RSS Lukeh

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lukeh(21) Clarified
1 point

I think that china is the winner too but you must consider that in a military, manpower is not everything. Modern wars are fought by weapon systems such as tanks and fighter planes, not overwhelming waves of soldiers.

2 points

China will be the superpower of the 21st century because of its' economy. an economy is by far the most important aspect of a superpower because a larger economy allows for the country to spend more on its' defense and to make rivals depend ant on products from that country. China has 1.6 times the purchasing power of America which will allow it to buy more products from other countries. China's GDP is growing 4 times faster than the GDP of America meaning that it will soon catch up to and surpass the U.S. in economy. China exports to the U.S. 4 times more than the U.S. exports to China. Many American businesses rely on cheap components from China. This means that China could stop the inflow of these products if it wanted to and put America in a dilemma.

Robots can harm an economy because robots replace human jobs which causes unemployment. China has 3 times less robots per worker per than America meaning that China is far less likely to encounter this economic disaster.

The Chinese military is catching up to the U.S. military in many aspects. China's military expenditure is catching up to America and will probably catch up within the 21st century which will allow it to produce more weapons. China's large economy will produce weapons for cheaper prices than Americas' smaller economy allowing china to produce more weapons.

America will most likely remain the superpower of the first half 21st century because it has a larger weapon stockpile and has not been hit yet by the rob tic economic crisis. china will overtake the U.S. in the second HF of the 21st century because their economy will remain intact ND their military expenditure will catch up.

1 point

It was about 1.5 trillion dollars which is absolutely insane. We literally could have bought 750,000 f16s or the price of the f35 program.

1 point

Without the nuclear bombs, the war against Japan might have dragged on into the cold war and the money devoted to the war effort would not go into cold war research and leave America far behind the Soviets.

1 point

Japan and America would have both lost many more people (many civilians do to collateral damage) if the bomb was not dropped and the war continued. The Japanese are known for not surrendering and the only reason that they did surrender was because they realized that they could not fight a country with nuclear power. Without demonstrating nuclear power, the Japanese would have fought on believing that they could eventually win somehow and the extended war would result in many more casualties than the bomb drops.

1 point

There is a reason actually. North Korea may feel threatened and that a war is about to happen anyway and start a war because of it.

1 point

It is not a declaration of war that would create a war, but a small aggression that could make North Korea respond with military force. These small aggression's have happened many times before and one might eventually start a war.

1 point

Because they might feel threatened and think that a war will start anyway.

1 point

Just because these several small aggression's have not caused a war yet, that doesn't mean that they won't.

1 point

This is also flawed because the 2 year members are almost always aligned with NATO.

Winning Position: No, it is not very effective

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