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RSS Megster0329

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Sadly ): Actually, I don't know how i'd feel about an encounter. It would be cool. But at the same time scary... Because what if they wanted to destroy us? If not, by all means welcome to planet earth.

4 points

In a race, the person who crosses the finish line first gets a 1st place trophy. The next person to cross receives a 2nd place trophy and the 3rd gets a small medal. Everyone after that gets nothing; because they didn't meet the standards for completing the race against all other contestants. This has been a tradition for generations and generations.

So why must we change this to please everyone?

Today, young kids who participate in recreational sport leagues are all given the same trophy when the season ends. This is odd because the league is set up like any other professional league. Two teams play against each other, and the winner moves up in the standings while the other stays the same. At the end of the season the two best teams play together. But instead of giving the winning team a 1st place trophy, everyone is given the same trophy (in the entire league). Is this because the league or the controlling soccer moms feel that it is “unfair” to single a child out? YES. In a competitive team sport, there is no question that the winning team should be treated differently than the rest of the teams. They tried their best, they worked at it, and they won because of it. Therefore, they should receive the greatest honor. I am not saying that there should be no reason why the runner up should get something to congratulate their determination, but parents today shelter their children too much from the real realities of the world, and ultimately very importantly its life lessons. They remember the sadness of losing as a child and don’t want their children to feel the pain of losing like they did. This is a very big problem. The very reason why parents put their kids into sports at such a young age is to teach them DISCIPLINE, TEAMWORK, COOPERATION, DETERMINATION and even FAILURE. If a child doesn't learn these simple factors of life, how is the child going to go through life when he realizes that they aren't going to get a trophy for everything? In life, at a job, when you mess up you will NOT be rewarded with a trophy for effort. YOU GET FIRED; THAT’S YOUR TROPHY. Instead of being able to suck it up and take it like a champion, they will learn to cry over their losses because now they are wondering what they did wrong; because in their minds they think “well, even when I did bad and goofed off and didn't do what I was supposed to I still received a trophy”. Is that really how we want to teach our children? Losing is a part of life it exists because we LEARN from it, and BETTER ourselves. We work harder and try to figure out what we didn't do right and what we could do right to prevent it from happening in the future. IT’S CALLED LEARNING. Do we want our children to be LAZY and incompetent to completing tasks the RIGHT WAY? Do we really not want our kids to take anything seriously? You may not want to believe it, but it all starts with harmless sports. It starts as soon as you’re born. Life is full of disappointment, you just have to learn how to deal with it and make it better.

1 point

Yes, I feel that parenting classes should be available to students through their high school. Now, this can become a touchy subject for some because it clearly SHOULDN'T be a MANDATORY class. The reason why i feel high schools should have that class is for students who become pregnant and are expecting DURING HS. Because clearly you are TOO young to bare a child while you are still a child yourself. When having a child in high school you have to drop all the extra curricular activities like partying and become an adult immediately. There is NO room for messing around during pregnancy because that can mess up the development of the fetus and ultimately cause life threatening issues. So to prevent the childish behavior there should be a support system at the school this child attends to help teach them FOR FREE how to care for your child AND yourself during and after pregnancy. I feel it is VERY important. And should only be at the disposal of those who choose or immaturely choose to be parents at such a young age. Or even to those who are also interested in the information of child development. It would not be fair to those who are either smart enough or to those who do not want to be parents. But if you become pregnant during the school year you better believe that you'll be signing up for a class that can help you gain better knowledge of the basics of parenting. The last thing the world needs is for children growing up with dead-beat parents, or parents that don't know how to be parents. Not everyone can learn these triats from their own parents, so it is crucial that they learn it somewhere.

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About Me

"I have my opinions about things. I'm allowed to have them and so are you."

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Name: Meghan 
Gender: Girl
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Education: In College

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