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4 days ago

3 years ago
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1 point

rahul gandhi fan? because i'm done with these jokes. -.-

4 days ago
1 point

i might not want to bow down to him and accept him as a ruler, but i would have to. i might be a part of a groups conspiring against him though..

4 days ago
1 point

i thought he'd already crossed the mark. O.o great debator btw. ;)

4 days ago
1 point

and who decides whether she's dressed provocatively?

38 days ago
1 point

it is usually because people who believe in god have been rude to them. this is of course one of the reasons. another reason is that they want to inflict their beliefs on other religious people too.

they see in atheism what we see in religion. it does go far at times but i don't see why people you know should stop talking to you just because you prefer to believe in god in general.

thats like not liking another person because their colour choices don't match. :/

38 days ago
1 point

she's nice. i can't see why she's being hated upon.. and she debates pretty well. i've seen her arguments and all. she's pretty cool. :)

52 days ago
2 points

Sure I may not have (consciously) chosen to be left handed, but if I WANT TO CHOOSE to use my right hand then I CAN LEARN

i think people did that before. when homosexuality was a supposedly wrong. i think people did not accept and wanted to learn to be straight. and learnt it

but now that greater numbers have started to come forward, they are accepting themselves the way they actually are and are not ashamed of who they love.

which is not wrong.

83 days ago
2 points

i've said this before. and i'll probably just have to keep repeating it. people fall in love with the person as an individual, disregarding his/her gender.

one does not fall in love with the person's gender. one should not fall in love with the person's gender. that is what defines love right? you love them despite the flaws and imperfections!

83 days ago
3 points

love is love. disney probably wanted to make that clear now that most people have broader mindsets.

84 days ago
1 point

why would it not be okay?

its about loving a person because of them being themselves. it's not about loving a person because of their gender.

84 days ago
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