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RSS Monizmarco

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2 points

This is simply a Republican vs Democrat argument. The point is Obama has done an excellent job. In 2008 he inherited an economy that was in free fall and he brought the economy back up. Unemployment is decreasing with steady job creation. His foreign policy is admirable in comparison to the warmongering views of the Republican ideology. He truly cares about the people of America in supporting university children and senior citizens. And although I am not American I am sure it goes a long way by saying that he did accomplish what Bush couldn't by finally killing Osama bin Laden. I think that the future of America belongs to the Democrats. As the population becomes more open-minded the population therefore becomes more liberal and I think the archaic and out of date policies of the Republican just aren't relevant to the modern day society.

1 point

Its simple. The key and fundamental characteristic of any democratic society is freedom of choice. If we make abortions illegal we are violating that freedom that every citizen has. Another reason for supporting the availability of abortions is that if it is illegalised we are opening women up to the possibility of back alley abortions which would be most definitely detrimental to the health of the women, which in this debate, I think should be the focal point. The rights and freedom of the mother trumphs all.

2 points

In the past Catholism was the universal form of Christianity. All other denominations like Anglicanism and Pentecostal have roots in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church was the first form of Christian Church and all ideology concerning Christianity was maintained and preached by Catholic priest. During the Reformation, other churches broke away from the Catholic Church because of difference of beliefs but the point is that it all started with the Catholic Church therefore the notion that Catholism isn't within the parameters of Christianity is just absurd.

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