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RSS Monkey

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1 point

first of all he very close to the fiscal cliff he is working on dumb stuff like anti-aircraft missles like north korea is really gonna ever even be close to make ther missles hit the us his olny accomplishment was killing osaban

1 point

i belive they are ruder because there parents just let them do what ever they want.also i am in midlle school so i know first hand what my generation is like.although there are some good kids in our generation.overal though our generation is ruder p.s. it is more rude not ruder

1 point

i feel kids shouldnt have homework that is one thing that makes school overwelming because i would i have a and b if it werent for the homework. Also thats why a lot of kids are obese today is becaise there doing there homework once they get from school til dusk so they cant get there phiscal activity in.

Winning Position: homework

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