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RSS Mrcatsam

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

It murders innocent brain cells who begin living at conception >=)

2 points

Biology teaches us that a man and woman are designed for sex! Not a man and man!

That puts gay men at a very big disadvantage...Don't you think they should start teaching about LGBT issues in Biology? It sounds like a very good idea, seeing that it's already been proven that they don't "choose that lifestyle."

They should put you in that Raven cage you described until you learn science and how we are designed. You can fly around and harass Christians who for some reason understand the science of Biology.

Hush, child. Would you ever even step foot in England? I doubt it, you doodle.

Stop spewing lies about Trump or his supporters. He has never said a thing about dismantling people's civil rights.

HA! Oh, dear, you really are a cave-dweller, aren't you? Trump HAS said and DONE things about dismantling civil rights. Did you know that his administration allowed Title IX to not protect LGBT workers from being fired from their jobs SIMPLY for being themselves?

And, on your National Day of Prayer, he and Penny Pence decided that they would allow health care workers to refuse service to those who disagreed with their religious beliefs.

We all have the right to believe science if we want to.

It's already proven that homosexuality is not a choice. So it sounds to me like someone who is screeching about hypocrisy all day (gasp!) is a HYPOCRITE!

Might I add that I am also gay? Therefore, I know more about how I live than you do, and you have no right to speak to people, anyone, like this. I remember being SO afraid of people like you. I had friends whose parents didn't let me into their houses because of my sexuality. I had kids who bullied me during my school years, and then people like you who stood up in front of me and told me I was choosing this life. Let me ask you something: Why would I choose to be someone who is persecuted? Of course, you won't understand because you've never really been through it. So shut up and go back to your hidey hole.

You also answered to none of the other arguments I posed, so that is called stupidity.

3 points

Did you take the science of Biology in your "all sex is normal" nation?

1. I'm bloody well aware that bodies are not meant to be compatible with the same sex, but it works. Therefore I have absolutey no idea what on Earth this has to do with biology.

2. I'm also bloody well aware that Biology is a science. You don't need to sound fancy.

3. It's called England, where the language you're speaking incorrectly came from. I'll bet you a hundred quid you didn't know that.

It would mean he has a much greater chance of suicide (not because people don't see homosexuality as normal).

First of bloody all, there is no correlation between homosexuality and suicide other than the fact that they are BULLIED TO THE POINT OF EXTREME DEPRESSION FROM PEOPLE WHO "DISAGREE" WITH THEM. AKA The people who "disagree respectfully with their values" support a fat gopher who is actively dismantling their civil rights. And you ask where you were being aggressive...

" He could still choose a normal life with a loving wife and children."

Sure, he could, but that would be unwise wouldn't it? It'd probably end up with him leaving his wife and children broken hearted.

It would mean I will never have grand kids.

Yes, and that would be a travesty. After all, you are the bloody Royal Family, aren't you? There's something called surrogacy. It's almost like immaculate conception. You should try it sometime.


In England we'd have you taken to the Tower of London and put up in the Raven Cage where you can eat blood biscuits all day and fly around and squawk and harass people, similar to what's going on right now.

It would mean he will probably be having sex with many different men who could possibly have Aids.

So I guess that's a proven fact, is it? And it's SOLELY a homosexual tendency? Look back at the "college" fraternity kids you probably went to school with. Thought they were studying that whole time?

I'm not trying to attack you, I'm trying to get a good grip on your argument because it's spewing in all directions and I don't quite follow.

My other question...Is this "Biology" argument really valid? I mean, Biology class says nothing about "unnatural" sexual orientations. In fact, I had a gay Biology instructor one year, and he was by far my favourite.

2 points

What you have asserted is deeply offensive and an irreversible indication of how American politics has become so polarised as to degrade a certain group of people for their own beliefs based on the fact that people like you have nothing else to grasp for.

Let me ask you something: Are you angry that the LGBT community exists, or are you expressing dissatisfaction in the fact that it is a great deal of votes for your so called Democrat Party?

Regardless, I am appalled at such aggression from a "Loving Christian" who "Respects and loves all people equally." Another question for you: If your son came up to you and told you he was gay, what would you do? I want you to answer this as I am genuinely curious.

Your gopher of a president has made it clear that LGBT individuals have no protection in Title IX, thousands of gay teens commit suicide every year and you still have the gall to stand up and call them out for trying to be themselves?

Thanks to you, I am utterly grateful I live in a more accepting country than your own.

-1 points

If you deny the Christian faith is under attack, you are wasting our time on a debate site. GET REAL!

And yet white supremacists in your country, who target Jews and other religions believe that WHAT RELIGION is superior?

Churches have been taken to court to force them to allow Gay Sunday school teachers. Thankfully they lost that case. This will change if they get enough Liberal activist Justices forcing Political correctness on everyone.

So this is more about political correctness than letting people be who they want? Why can't there be Gay Sunday School Teachers? They're human, after all, and they're trying to teach the GOOD parts of the Christian faith, unlike you.

Obama threatened States with reduced federal funding if they do not change ALL of their public school bathrooms to allow so called Transgender boys, who think they are girls, into our daughter's bathrooms.

So what? You really think a bunch of little harmless transgender girls are going to have a revolution?

The Democrat controlled House of Representatives just pushed a bill to FORCE schools to allow so called Transgender boys and men into Girl's sports.

Because people can change genders if they want. As easily as people can change religions...

I'm utterly shocked by what you are saying. Is it that big of a deal to let a person who wants to be another gender be who they are? What if I didn't let you be Christian? It's perplexing as to how YOU will be affected if there are gay Sunday School Teachers. It's not the LGBTQ agenda to take over these places. They just want to be accepted and be good Christians like you say you are, but how are they supposed to believe that Christians are good hearted and kind when it's people like you who are intolerant and stupid. You probably support conversion therapy, am I wrong?

I'm trying not to swear at you, but I am so angry by what you have just said. You say you're wasting your time with me, but then you give angry, cold-hearted remarks like "We shouldn't let LGBTQ individuals be pastors or priests because it's all part of the liberal agenda," and you know that you're wrong and these people just want what you want:TO BE CHRISTIAN AND BELIEVE IN FORGIVENESS AND LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER. They're probably better at it than you.

I suppose America has some truly fraudulent Christians.

0 points

No, people can be born like the Jonas Brothers or One Direction: From Jesus's giant mothership in space.

Also, there's this thing called surrogacy...

1 point

Here's your message translated:

Mother and father are fathers and mothers?

1 point

I love the way she is so...SHOOK. Yes, you can grow plants from the skulls of your enemies, but dirt also works.

1 point

Must admit, I do sob a bit much, perhaps because it's rather cloudy all the time.

You're confusing me. You said you hate that(what's that?) for me but then you say you don't give a fuck how I feel? How much more hypocritical can these people get?

mrcatsam(544) Clarified
2 points

What if a chap broke his back? He can't walk away then.

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