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RSS Mrsci999

Reward Points:45
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1 point

Isn't convinant that you can filter through the whole post and see the negative parts of it but i guess that the point of the debate. The answer is no. Yes std can spread to heterosexuals but only after the disease is developed usually by lewd behavior(and sometimes off set in the blood's ph). The point is lewd behavior should not be toleranted heterosexual or homosexual because nature doesn't an neither should we. Now how you like dem apples, eh!

mrsci999(45) Clarified
1 point


1 point

This whole idea about over population is wrong that basically saying that existant of some of us is an mistake. Nature being a balance technically has no mistakes if you happen to be born but their is so little resource available to sustain you then that just the way of life. Purposely eliminating of a life for absolutely no good reason should definitely be condemed and intolerated. And the most probable reason why an "elite" class would want to eliminate of the poor is possible the fear of the Marx's communism potential.

1 point

i understand you man even the heaven/hell part before you explain it. Yes there is a divine balance in nature that symbolically display the face of god but sorry to say from my point of view there isn't an actual face to be seen. Also do you fully understand what a jew really is? I'm not just talking about what common religion scripter teaches.

mrsci999(45) Clarified
2 points

Awesome debate picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 point

First off this whole "scientific" story about dna being the controller of the cells activity one big lie. I've review many research project that prove that cells can fully operate with out the nucleus but died because they fail to replicate important protien structures key to their metablism. More over nucleus is nothing more then the sexal organ of the cells actually can't be genetically modified. Any genetic altertion done to the cell must already have relatable functions within the it's predetermine potentional capabilities.

1 point

Ah, im so glad that you made that point. Believe me thinking like that will take you far.

1 point

So you mean to tell me that an neutrino isn't faster than the speed of light.

1 point

Finally someone who uses some common sense. I agree brother 100%

1 point

First off the science your studying is just an old dogma. You need to read the biology of belief by bruce lipton your dna does not control your celluar active it only helps aid the process of predetermine function of the cell. Cells are static and unchanging with pre-determine function capabilities and their functions don't completely control you but influence some of your behavior but your own personal free willed behavior can definitely influence the function of our cells. So in short your talking shit you just heard what knowing the facts.

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