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RSS Norcalkev

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norcalkev(31) Clarified
1 point

This isn't a perspective debate, it's a, for or against debate... please stay on topic which is not me!

1 point

Estmond, This is my debate and I have the right to arbitrate what is a valid argument or not, when people want to attack me personally when they don't know me and base their argument on a narrative they want to hear in a debate description, I will down vote them or ban them as it is not relevant or constructive to the debate. Also, the reason why I'm so defensive is because I'm being personally attacked on an accusation that isn't even expressed in my debate description... I made sure to be neutral in the description by not specifically stating my opinion and rather leaving it open for both sides to express as you so expressed that I'm not doing! Furthermore, I down voted myself for the responses to those accusations as they were not constructive either. I'm perfectly fair and balanced! I haven't even added an argument for or against yet and I'd appreciate it if I wasn't the target just because I created the debate! I'm purely debunking bias opinions and validating people's real concerns! With that being said, you can't side with one side of an argument with the position of neutrality as you have expressed, I would even go as far to say, the points you have made about the subject specifically is more in line with against allowing transgenders in the same private areas as other genders. Also, please don't bring gays, bisexuals, or lesbians into this debate as I so clearly stated, that was in another debate that was unsuccessful as lesbians, gays, and bisexuals don't identify with transgenders and was deleted. The fact that you haven't had a bad experience is irrelevant. What's relevant is there are actual cases of men changing into women and sexually assaulting women and vise-verse and it will only get worse as this progresses. I believe you stated a common concern of that happening, which I will direct to your question of, "What's wrong with teaching our children that it's okay." To address your discrimination concern, suggesting different genders to have different bathrooms and locker rooms is not the same as making different races ride different buses, drink from different water fountains, ect. In the future, if you're going to make an argument for both sides please do so in separate entries, one for and one against or just clarify or support.

2 points

Would that include hypodermic needles? Seriously, this is a very unintelligent comment... Not saying you're unintelligent but, to say and idolize the lyrics of a song that was produced by a popular singer expresses the correct standard of society and we should all live in the ideal world of John Lennon is preposterous... And as I said to another ignorant comment, segregation has nothing to do with this debate... I didn't say transgenders need to have their own gym.

0 points

Well, even though this debate is not about lesbians, gays, or bisexuals and I haven't said one thing that expresses hate or discrimination about them and you want to personally insult me like an immature hateful person, explain to me why your logic is valid?

0 points

That's a really ignorant statement without knowing a thing about me!

1 point

You're completely being bias and only looking at the perspective of a transgender without even having their opinion specifically to make it look like discrimination. The reason for keeping them separate in changing areas and bathrooms is not to segregate but rather, to provide security and safety for all genders ... I didn't say make them have their own gyms! Why would you put "segregate" in parenthesis and even say "specifically" when I didn't say any of that? Furthermore, you go on to try to blame society for the suicidal rate of transgenders?!? Lets get one thing straight, nobody is responsible for somebody whom commits suicide... People whom commit suicide are cowards and do so out of complete selfishness!

1 point

No that's the context you're trying to use it in and it doesn't apply to human nature. You're context is a broad view where my is narrowed... I can't explain why there is "so-called" same gender sexual activity within nature on this earth but, the fact that it's a conflict within human nature makes it unnatural because once again, if it were natural to our nature, we wouldn't even be conscious of it... It would be a subconscious accepted behavior.

1 point

Wow really? No it hasn't... What people are calling evolution in this instance, more closely follows corruption.

1 point

Go ahead and go on and on... The reality however, is there is no such thing as primary and secondary definition to a word... It all depends on the context in which you're using the word in and to repeat myself for the millionth time, there is no evidence that homosexuality is caused by nature!!! The fact that it exists, does not mean it is natural and as long as there is a lack of scientific evidence that it is caused naturally, under assumption, it would be more correct to think it is caused by people which clearly refutes the definition of natural which you just supplied.

1 point

OMG!!! You are so wrong and out of touch! People make the switch all the time these days! Some purely because they've just had enough "drama" with the opposite sex... Oh man!!! Not to mention what parents have to go through trying to except their children whom choose to be gay because they got brainwashed into thinking it's okay or "fine."

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Winning Position: Morality = Human nature

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Biographical Information
Name: Kevin Wilder
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Postal Code: 89436
Religion: Christian-other
Education: In College

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