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RSS Oldpcguy

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1 point

Its tough to make generalizations. One of my poor high school classmates received a full scholorship to MIT, dropped out after first year, got his girlfriend pregnant and became a cook in the Army.

I also came from a lower middle class family, went to the U of I, got a degree in EE and lived happlily ever after.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were both college dropouts.

Warren Buffet's daughter is a modern day poor artist beatnick.

2 points

First if there was an andvanced spedies that could travel light years, there is no question they would be able to hide their existence from us.

Astronomers are discovering new planets at an alarming rate today.

We are pretty smart but still quite primitive on the Galactic scale.

1 point

With so many other problems the State and country have to grapple with, can we just get over it and give them what they want?

Then we can all get back to the declining economy.

1 point

Who would be more likely to outsource jobs to China and Inida?

Candidate B

1 point

Let's take a look at some recent conflicts.

WW I - Not Caused By Religious Beliefs

WWII - Not Caused By Religious Beliefs

Korean War - Not Caused by Religious Beliefs

Vietnam - Not Caused by Religious Beliefs

Afganistan - Not Clear

Iraq - Very Clearly not a religious war but a power play for Oil

Kosovo ???

Africa ????

The next great war will be over natural resources.

1 point

Please allow me to use a real life example. We have an Electrical Engineer who makes ~140K per year. He has been offered and accpeted a job to move to india to create a new engineering team in India. This means that means ~5 other Engineers will be layed off in the US. Looking at strictly tax issues the City, County, State and Federal Government will all experience lower tax revenue.

This is why

How much of the Budget Problem in California is due to high tech job exports? California is ultimitely going to loose silicon valley as a revenue source and a technology incubator. What does this implie for California in the Long Term?

The fundatmental problem hear is that our leaders are not equipped to solve this problem.

1. All Politicains once they get elected are focused on 1 thing. Re-election!! Every thing else is secondary.

2. Politicians are elected based on Speeches and Video. That's it. No other requirements.

3. The american public refuses to fire their bad politician at every election cycle.

So in conclusion I am against outsourcing but I expect to continue and accelerate and that our leaders will do nothing to fix it. I am predicting a real unemployement rate of 25%. Followed by violent national protests.

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