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RSS Ponypaw

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8 points

I'm not sayin this cuz I love the tube, but you get more imformation than you think in the tube.

EX) News, Baseball, Spongebob, etc.

1 point

Yankees won the most, so they will probably win.

Yankees rock!

0 points

you have one yeah, good luck making opinions that are like assholes

1 point

Obama didn't do all the tasks that he promised to the people of USA. Therefore, Obama stinks, and yet again, Obama won't be the next president of the USA. (I think)

1 point

IF we study a lot, we sometimes get easily confused and we get lots of stress so it is awesome to do lots of physical activities to relieve stress. That way, we can feel better when studying.

1 point

God really stinks because he's responsible for taking charge of people's luck but I've almost never been lucky in my lifetime. So to conclude with two words, god sucks

2 points

America didn't accept blacks long time ago and they fought a lot of wars, so I would recommend Finland, because their country is kind of peaceful and they are the Highest GDP country a few years ago by the way the year I wrote this was 2010.

6 points

IT's totally unfair for the people (guy)/ (girl) who won. Besides, do losers get trophies too in the olympics?

1 point

They can feel better and have more confidence next time.............

6 points

there are little or no evidence against the existence of ghosts.

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