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RSS Qcsampling

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Fighting sports should NOT be outlawed. Here are some reasons why.

1. Fighting is prevalent in any society. And because of bullying people take up a fighting sport to learn how to protect themselves. So if we outlaw the fighting sport, the opportunity for people to learn how to protect themselves because of oppression from bullies, now becomes illegal. The flow on effect, bullies become oppressors with no one to stop them, and the style of oppression these bullies incorporate does not warrant using weapons and arms to stop them harassing. So what should the victim do, tell someone else so they can try and stop the harassment? Then the oppressor has a new target to practice their new found strength on, and the oppression continues.

2. Fighting sports is one of the most effective ways for people to develop self confidence and self protection. If people didn't fight back there would be two kinds of people in this world. Oppressors and victims. Even the simple act of SPEAKING back can incur a violent response, so what then let the violent act occur without a like-minded response.

3. Violence is prevalent in every society. One of a few ways people learn to protect themselves is through fighting sports.

4. Women being raped. Without learning to protect themselves from fighting sports many more women would be victims of rape and sex crimes, than has already happened.

5. If you want to outlaw fighting sports, you will have to outlaw all full contact sports entirely. Because Rugby, Rugby League, Grid Iron, Ice Hockey have the potential to do a lot more serious harm and cause much more injuries than fighting sports can. Based on tackles and full contact hits from sports like grid iron and rugby etc, the amount of ex-players in these sports who suffer from serious medical conditions is astounding, yet very little is spoken about these conditions and the causes of them.

6. You see a few people get a couple of black eyes, and fat lip and other injuries and call for an outlaw on this form of sport. What about motor car racing, equestrian, show jumping, sky diving, etc? The risk of serious injury or even fatality is present in any sport in the world. Even chess can cause mental stress and potentially depression, should we outlaw chess too, because mental anxieties can cause a person to commit murder.

The point of the argument is, fighting sports has many benefits, and in comparison to other sports it is a lot more safer with fewer risks. Risks are still present, but they are more easily mitigated.

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It's unethical, why should anybody be forced to tolerate same sex? Would the same sex practicing person tolerate a Biblical perspective and public declaration same sex practices are an abomination? If we are forced to tolerate one group of people so they can feel a little more comfortable in society, which group will be next, and so on and so on and so on. And of all the forced tolerance happening the groups who are forced to tolerate are having their freedoms, their rights, and their personal values and beliefs forcibly silenced. The people who have values and beliefs same sex practices are wrong are entitled to keep them and should not be forced to tolerate the opposing value of their beliefs, we in essence are creating a society of schizophrenics. The ultimate conclusion of being forced to tolerate a group in society is 'society, eventually, will not have an individual identity'. Forced tolerance is murder of individual identity.

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"New to this, if you want to debate something, hit me up, I would be happy to debate with you."

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: Australia
Religion: Jewish
Education: High School

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