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Personally, I am concerned. I am concerned due to the fact that it truly seems that Europe has not yet learned to live with each other yet. Eastern and Western Europe might as well be on different planets at times and the reinvigorated Visegrad Alliance is proof of this issue. Now I want to be clear here, I am not saying that Junker will assemble the jackboots and make a move on Poland. Unless there are restrictions on the operational capacity within Europe though, I can see situations developing in the future that can lead to Soviet style intervention. Additionally, how will the V4 and Russia see this move? The V4 already feel as though they under threat and now there is a military agreement to contend with, a reactionary response to the right seems inevitable now in those regions unless they can objectively analyze the situation and pick a more rational diplomatic pathway. With was one thing to deal with NATO because the US still has to cross an ocean in order to bring its full force to bear. How Putin will react to this is anyone's guess but if you think it will be a peaceful approach I'd have to call you very naive. In the end I have concerns about this new agreement moving forward. What happens in 20, 50, 100 years from now if European countries decide that their sovereignty is more important than EU membership?

rAdHominem(6) Clarified
1 point

I only wish to clarify on one point. The F-35 WOULD have been far cheaper if left to the Air Force and Army requirements. One of the things that truly caused issues was the USMC's desire to have an upgrade to the Harrier and its vertical takeoff ability. It was a brilliant concept, having one platform with multiple variations to choose from. Not only for the US, but this was eventually supposed to be a large NATO project as well; to bring more balance to joint coalition operations, to offer upgraded equipment to allies, and to solve some of the radar signature issues of the past. During Operation Desert Storm, French Aircraft (Mirage F1) had issues with being targeted by coalition members because Iraq was using the same air craft.

2 points

Death would be another extreme example to go with sickness. In you example of pandemics, the two go hand in hand. You can get lucky and avoid death from time to time like the guy who cut his arm off after a boulder trapped him. In the end, Father Time is undefeated and Death is his Defensive Coordinator.

1 point

Wow. Giving the title views either "Its time to end bribery" vs "Bribery Rocks" is a nice balanced approach.....

I don't agree with the Citizens United decision and I don't like the money that lobbyists throw around. That said, your interests are regularly held and supported by many of those same lobbying groups. While your neighbors are too busy watching The Voice, lobbyists are speaking with members of Congress. Has their purpose and function been tainted over the years by rouge groups, absolutely. Should lobbying be ended all together; are you and everyone you know prepared to make politics your entire life and constantly monitor, support, or push for legislation?

Tied Positions: Negative direction for Europe vs. Positive direction for Europe

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