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RSS Racerecon70

Reward Points:98
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

It's painless, it ends it there and then, if you're going through so much pain that you feel you have to (unless it's mentality problem), then it's the quickest way to have it. Humane? I think it's more of mercy killing.

1 point

Actually, I prefer it if my school system gives us a option to opt out of the system but AFTER learning the basics and let us pursue our own talents and dreams.

P.S. I'm actually prefer studying but for the sake of my brother I hope that he can get into a swimming school :D

1 point

If you see here, in 1 v 1: Cap can deflect ALL Iron man's blasts IF he doesn't turn into a cheater bug and summon all his suits, but when Tony is out of his suit probably he would be smashed by Captain's shield and strength, plus adding the fact that Tony designing his suit has nothing to do with this because Cap can easily do without Tony's modified suit. Personally I like the Iron than Cap but facing the facts,Cap would probably win.

1 point

Best solution: build a probe that can last for a few hundred years and put a camera on it and send it into space and let the scientist do the rest.

1 point

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh nah maybe I won't say anything...OR maybe....;)

1 point

Of course if you want to continue eating for the rest of your life and not wear false teeth everday.

-1 points

You don't make me report you for being an * in createdebate...

-1 points

Hey! This is a spam and a fake debate, ignore this debate pls...

1 point

Still, It doesn't work for debates actually and i tried. :(

1 point

This is all out of the topics guys, pls. focus upon ze topic

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