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Hi folks, I've seen a lot of interesting and some not so interesting points raised here and, to be honest, I've only started thinking about this issue lately and am deciding whether or not it's something I should contact my M.P ( U.K. member of parliament) about.

I've spoken to quite a few businesses who claim that they simply cannot afford to hire "local" staff...One such man said this in defense of his hiring a network engineer from the Phillipines.

However, this led me to consider this point: If a business can no longer afford to pay local wages to continue operating then, by the laws of capitalism, shouldn't it go bankrupt. It can no longer compete. To me, it seemed, that this business owner was happily exploited a cheaper labour market to line his own pockets. Now, there's nothing illegal about that but what's struck me is that an awful lot of folks want the "I'm a nice guy" feeling whilst doing this. I thought..well, not so nice really but, as mentioned earlier, it's not illegal so line your pocket and move on.

Another local example is a UK computer accessories company called PC World which has a large office in the Czech Rep. Recently, that office has expanded to add another 300 staff. Meanwhile unemployment in the UK is rising to record levels. I wonder what the ethics of this is? The Czechs do a great job, no doubt, and are every bit as capable as their (dwindling) UK counterparts but..this is a UK company whose customers are UK citizens so shouldn't it really employ UK people? I don't expect companies to be ethical, but isn't that what are governments are supposed to ensure, on our behalf. Let's face it, most of these companies CEOs would probably sell their own grandmother for a better dividend (joke, btw, in case anyone gets their panties in a twist - but you get the idea)

Anyway, that's my penny's worth and we do have bi-elections coming up so I will be asking those canvassers who call at my door about it. To me it seems that outsourcing really benefits middle/senior management but no one else.

Do you think that companies who outsource should be made to pay an import duty or higher tax? Isn't it damaging to ourselves and our children if they have to take a huge cut in wages for their jobs (we all know that the price of living in the UK and more than likely the US is rising all the time)

As I said, I'm no economist - actually just sharing some passing thoughts whilst sipping my lovely imported Italian coffee ;) Anyone got anything to share?

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