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RSS Rickyvasquez

Reward Points:5
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1 point

I like this one, but I prefer the latest gaming console that also works to play even simple games like those I found at, and other physics games.

1 point

All winners deserves compliments and rewards, but NOT all losers receives a loosing moments, some also receives a gratitude of compliments as they accept how they loose, that's is how sportsmanship should be, somehow, when you loose you become a winner of knowing things to be good in the future. It should not be a lessons learned because you made mistake resulted you to not win the game, but instead, it must be a ways of improvement that sometimes you need to know several things in order for you to master every obstacles. Like a physics games at, you always need to think and focus on every games, as it is also they way of how you perform your real life living.

1 point

Yes, it should be and it is a must.. honesty will always leads you to a better feelings and a god fearing person. Tell them the truth instead. Anyway, there are various interactive and comprehensive health care features at mobile health app, you can try that to at least have better way of getting health updates on the go.

1 point

No, and this is entirely frustrating for people in that kind of scenario, and it is also a violation of rights. Airline fees counts every customers head to head an not by weight. Reverse the idea, how about the child that can't actually occupy the old's seats, can they be exempted instead or have their seats offered to other and they will not pay for their fares. So embarrassing, anyway, to get rid of this obese issue, I suggest everyone to try the health monitoring systems featured at, this is interactive so I guess it will be helpful to everyone.

1 point

Freedom of Speech is always important, but some of us been aggravated with this freedom.


Ricky of

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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