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RSS Rogerfederer

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

No , it’s backed by real scientists

But no it isn't, you pathetic wanker. The NIST study has never been peer-reviewed by any scientists because NIST refuses to release its modelling data to the public.

Everything you say is a lie because you are a liar through and through. It is absolutely positively clear which side the scientists are on:-

2 points

You dont do basic science do you buddy ?

There are over 70 peer-reviewed pieces of scientific research on this website, you monstrously stupid two-bit retard. Tell it to them:-

1 point

I've already received tax breaks, and Trump's election single handedly gained me nearly $30,000 just on my 401k.

Oh, that's nice. It definitely makes up for the fact that 41 million people are going hungry every day in your militant shithole of a state.

0 points

This is simple fact

It is the opposite of a fact. It is the biased opinion of a militantly religious, bigoted retard who beats his own children.

1 point

NOM that has what to do with Obie being the Worst President in history

What does your continued support for radical right wing terrorism have to do with Obie?

0 points

You see, Socialism has proven throughout the world to usher in dead economies, weakened families, and huge debt.

Seems to be doing just fine in Europe and Canada. Why don't you pull your retarded head out of your retarded backside and have a look?

The 12 countries with the highest standard of living countries-with-the-highest-standard-of-living-social-progress-index/

Show me where America is on that list, retard.

1 point

When you have some proof that i am a terrorist

I have already proven this. You attacked Muslims with allegations of terrorism, even though the people you support are responsible for 73 percent of terror attacks in the US. Not only are you a terrorist: you're a world class hypocrite to boot.

1 point

NOM Crazy AL said this

But you said everyone who objects to infanticide is a Jew hater, and you lied about the words used in a speech made by a Muslim woman objecting to exactly that. Your credibility is zero even among other terrorists.

1 point

NOM who said i did ?

So Outlaw is now CONFUSED about the support he gives radical right wing terror campaigns? LOL! Would Outlaw like a diagram?

1 point

NOM Crazy AL said this - He(Obie) brought unemployment from 10-12% (conservatives said it was closer to 17%), to just over 3%!

So Outlaw is UNABLE to answer why he supports radical right wing terrorism? LOL! What does unemployment have to do with your support of fringe terror groups?

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