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RSS Rogerfederer

Reward Points:5
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Banned for twisting the Bible.

That was a direct quote you lying bigot. Nobody twisted anything. You don't appreciate the fact that he made you look stupid and wrong is all.

1 point

Yup, and then he uses more fake accounts to make comments in his own "debates" agreeing with his own neo-Nazi hate speech. Loser is putting it mildly.

2 points

You should try to understand the positions you attack before you attack them. You might look a little less foolish.

You should try to understand that I literally shit things out with a higher IQ than you.

When I said an immediate family member with a known clean history should not be required to get a background check, I assumed you understood that checks are required to purchase. If your brother is a criminal who can’t buy a gun, then you can’t sell to him.

This is an extension of your RETARDED fallacy where you reverse the roles of the participants involved in the purchase of the gun. Let me repeat it again, so it sinks in really deep into that utterly dense head:-

The clean brother buys the gun.

He passes it to Bundy.

Now, would you like me to translate that into Hebrew for you? Or do you understand now?

Besides which, Ted Bundy MURDERED DOZENS OF WOMEN before he was ever declared a "criminal" by the state. Hence, that too is a fallacy. Bundy himself could have bought a gun had he wanted to.

2 points

I do t know how else to tell you this, and it might come as a shock, but Bundy was a real person.

He was a hypothetical example used to prove the point that some family members can be criminals while other family members are not criminals. It isn't rocket science you stupid fascist troglodyte.

rogerfederer(5) Clarified
3 points

His non-criminal brother is also irrelevant. No one is concerned about Bundy selling one of those guns he didn’t use to his non-criminal brother.

Oh God you are simply so ASTONISHINGLY CROOKED AND STUPID. It's the OPPOSITE of what you said. The non-criminal brother would pass the background check and then pass the gun onto his psychopathic, mass-murdering brother. Shut your idiot mouth you moron.

1 point

Yeah, I got that. Why do you do it?

Because just like you said pal, he has the mind of a child. Probably why he finds children attractive in the first place.

1 point

This from a guy who literally admitted he is addicted to child pornography.

Lol. Notice how he immediately shuts his stupid face when you bring up his past. Thanks for exposing him.

2 points

Its hilarious watching you back track

It's hilarious watching you pretend to be laughing while you simultaneously ban every account which argues with you.

ROFLMAO. Your desperation is pathetic. You are a pitifully fucking stupid Irish lowlife and a barefaced liar.

1 point

A lib saying there's evidence

Stop lying for thirty seconds you farcically stupid wanker. No lib has claimed there is evidence. YOU, a NEO-NAZI and COMPULSIVE LIAR, claimed that "libs still have found nothing on him". You are brazenly trying to shift the burden of prrof for your own claim onto other people because you are a LUDICROUSLY stupid and filthily dishonest, sad little Nazi wanker.

1 point

There are no laws that govern the peniton particle because there is no such thing as a peniton particle.

Let me try to illustrate why this analogy is false.

Imagine you lived 10,000 years ago.

Would it be true to say: there are no laws which govern the movement of the wheel because there is no such thing as a wheel?

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