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RSS Rogerfederer

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0 points


Oh, I am nomenclature too now, am I? Lol. Is anybody in your world NOT nomenclature? Apart from your other alt accounts, obviously.

Tell us xMathFanx, how is it that nomenclature is everybody you happen to disagree with, yet your obvious attempts to use multiple accounts to attack people can be explained away by an "open debate forum"?

Your laughably contradictory standards are everything one needs to expose you as the cretinous, intellectually defunct troll you are.

1 point

Unless there are two people here who misrepresent literally everything other people say, bully others with complete lack of compassion or mercy, constantly accuse them of being other people and can't write coherent English.

There aren't. It's the same guy.

xMathFanx is the account it uses when it wants to feign politeness.

1 point

Why have you joined forces with another well-documented troll account to take turns at bullying me?

That one is pretty easy. It's the same guy.

2 points

Again incorrect

I'm going through your waterfall right now, and not only am I finding the quotes which DestinyDan linked, but I am also seeing extremely suspicious patterns of upvoting on some of your posts.

From what I can gather from reading through some of your abhorrently racist, misogynistic comments, it appears that your favourite trick is Freudian projection. That is, whatever you are guilty of, you literally turn upside down and accuse your accuser of. For example, just this morning you were making threats to have DestinyDan banned, so are we expected to believe it is just coincidence that you are now here trying to galvanise support to precisely that end?

The following comments were all written during your last vicious and rabid attack, which took place less than three hours ago:-

your days on C D are coming to an end

enjoy your final couple of hours on C D

That’s not a threat , it’s a promise

You may as well “ enjoy “ your last couple of attacks

your days here are numbered

you will now suffer the consequences

So you were making direct threats against other members, and then an hour ago you opened up a debate complaining about people bullying and threatening you. The sheer scale of your dishonesty here is simply laughable.

It's just lucky for the rest of us that you are too stupid to hide your intentions. Every time you want somebody banned, you accuse them of being this "nom" character. It's insane. You are insane, as the scale of your deception clearly implies.

2 points

My #1 suspect? Brontoraptor.

I agree with your assessment. If there are Russian trolls operating here then he is definitely the most likely to be one.

0 points

The BBC isn't an Amwrican liberal news outlet. It's British...

You have edited your title as a prelude to your reply you pathetically dishonest bastard. I looked at your thread when I saw Nom's reply and the word "American" was not part of the title.

You are fucking pathetic.

1 point

Someone who breaks into my home is there with the clear and express purpose of doing me harm.

That just isn't true. For all you know they might have an emergency and desperately need to use your phone. They might be starving and need food.

You are trying to justify your paranoia with sweeping, stupid and false statements.

rogerfederer Clarified
0 points

Obviously you just posted so you are not banned

Yes he is. You just banned him.

Debate is not the process of banning everybody who disagrees with you. That is called being mentally ill.

rogerfederer Clarified
0 points

Nom, do you realize that upwards of 90% of your activity on this site includes either:

A. Insult

B. Personal attack

I personally witnessed that it is you who began attacking Nomenclature, not the other way around. You are a liar, sir.

When you attack people, they usually attack you back. That's the way life works. It is also true that scumbags like yourself take this opportunity to play the victim.

2 points

Do not call Trump a child rapist again in my debates, thank you.

Oh, I see. Claiming that free market capitalism is about Hillary being a thief is OK, but we're not allowed to tell the truth about Trump?

Lawsuit Charges Donald Trump with Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl

If you want to open a debate and then limit the points people can make then that's censorship. The Nazis did a lot of that. Coincidence?

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