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RSS Rogerfederer

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2 points

Do not call Trump a child rapist again in my debates, thank you.

Oh, I see. Claiming that free market capitalism is about Hillary being a thief is OK, but we're not allowed to tell the truth about Trump?

Lawsuit Charges Donald Trump with Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl

If you want to open a debate and then limit the points people can make then that's censorship. The Nazis did a lot of that. Coincidence?

2 points

Unlike light, free will either does or does not exist.

We aren't going to get very far if I explain something to you, and you respond by doubling down on the same false premise I just explained is false. If I type the word dualism in big capital letters will you keep ignoring it?


3 points

Since you want to come up with gibberish like "the extension of my argument in terms of free will is that it both exists and doesn't exist" you can get banned.

That wasn't gibberish. He explained his point clearly that there is a dualism involved. Whether free will exists depends on whether the observer exists in space-time or outside space-time. You are presenting his conclusion while deliberately ignoring the prior explanation he gave for his conclusion. Dualisms are part of nature whether you want to accept them or not. Light, for example, travels both as a wave and as a particle, dependent on the exact same type of observational differences he invoked to explain his point.

You had no reason to ban him other than being annoyed that he busted you for posting gobbledegook.

1 point

Pardon me for saying so, but it appears as though you think everybody on this entire website who isn't you must therefore be an alt account.

See his Nostradamus thread if you want a really good laugh. Or even better, find the one where he tries to argue that time is an illusion. Lol.

1 point

Bro, that is EXACTLY what he thinks. The guy is a couple of egg rolls short of a Chinese banquet.

Did you see that thread he opened the other day? He wrote: "Nostradamus was correct and on point with his predictions." I nearly wet myself. His conspiracy theories are so stupid and speculatively wild it makes me cringe every time I read one of his posts.

1 point

I find it sad you are dissing the very party trying to cut taxes.

The Conservatives have only ever been interested in cutting taxes for the wealthy, so you are being a revisionist.

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