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Reward Points:11
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2 points

Next tym say properly...some stupid people like me don't know wad u saying.......

2 points

Why? What is average global temperature? Can you say specifically?

1 point

A pirate day? What's that? You have to say clearly so that we can understand your opinion.

12 points

Pirates are violent and their actions are really disgusting. I don't like them.

Pirates kill dirtily. Ninjas kill cleanly. That's why Ninja's the best.

2 points

Manchester united have won various competitions and cup.

I have watched them play and they actually are very very professional.

They deserve to win. They deserve the title as the best club in the world.

1 point

I am a hot fan of Manchester United, an elite team in th English Premier League.

If we look closely, many people are actually die-hard fans of soccer... especially the EPL

2 points

It doesnt necessarily mean because we can read online news in the internet...

1 point

What has these gonna do with obama? I mean... He is a nerd?? Sorry, maybe i misundertood you...

1 point

Is there proof that obama lie??? If yes, in what aspect would he want to lie? Would he lie to grab a high position.. It cannot be as he was already the president.

1 point

Why would obama lie? As a leader, he want to see progress in his own country.

If he lie, many would hate him and US will be going down..

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Brazil
Religion: Muslim
Education: Masters

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