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RSS Science_nerd

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Kids should have to reach a certain age when they can make decisions, mature decisions, know their interests. And when they're clear headed, maybe 18. School is already enough to occupy someone's thoughts, one doesn't need the whole lovey dovey stuff in their lives at that moment. Basically, love would be a distraction at that point and when said person ends up failing, all the person dating this person can do is comfort them. And it's even most likely that the relationship wouldn't lead to a possible engagement in the

Let's say that I'm basing my argument of the fact of a fetus not living until 4-6 weeks in the pregnancy. Even then, the mother would be ending the chance of a possible human life. And you can't say a fetus is a non living thing until 4-6 weeks, it's a possible human for crying out loud. The heart might not beat at that time but why would it need nutrients from the mother if it isn't a living thing?

My opinion is that abortion is a crime, a sin, murder. No one has the right to take the life of a child, or to be more tentative, the life of a possible child.Even if the mother was raped or doesn't want the child to be born into a cruel, wouldn't she at least give the child a chance. Who knows whether the child might actually turn his situation around?

However there might be two sides I guess. Sometimes it's due to complications in the pregnancy with the risk of the mother's life, or a mistake and maybe that might not be totally their faults. But abortions with reasons not going in this direction, I see them as plain wrong.

Last time I saw something on that in the bible, God's face was a freaking eye piercing light so strong to blind someone or kill due to physical eyes not able to look upon such holiness. There was a man that wanted to see God's face but God explained matters to him. Even then, God allowed him see his back. Even that almost blinded him.

Even though i think that is the main reason, it might also be to test out faith and separate believers from unbelievers.

Because he is using evil in the world to test our faith and eventually judge us.

I don't support smoking at all but if people do have to smoke, they have to do it in special places.

There's something called 'passive smoking' where if passerby inhale smoke, they're technically smokers, even if they've never smoked before, because they're very likely to get the same diseases a normal smoker would get over time. And I think this is quite unfair. Someone doesn't want to die or ruin their lives by smoking and some carefree guys can just smoke and help aid the person's chances of lung diseases and other respiratory ailments when the person didn't want anything to do with it in the first place.

So, if the smokers want to smoke, they should do it away from us people that know its effects and want to live.

I have tried analyzing both universes heroes and events and I think DC universe is better. While Marvel has more powerful characters and all that, Dc has smarter ones that are capable of defeating those of Marvel Universe. So I'm saying, DC had more logic than Marvel. I have also heard of this theory that Marvel tends to bring out characters very similar to that of DC-I mean look at Flash and Quicksilver

However, I also enjoy the Marvel Universe at times but I still like DC a lot.

On one hand, I love the teen titans so much and they're one of my personal favorites. On the other hand, when I compare, I enjoy TMNT more. The background, storyline and events are quite thrilling (not to mention I'm crushing...) and it can be quite deep at times too.


The face of Jesus has never been revealed. All artists merely did was try and create an image of him. No one knows if Jesus had a beard or brown hair but apparently, people have started to envision Jesus as that.

So no, it couldn't be unless it's some sort of miracle stone or picture.

Exactly, why not? If there's already evidence of ozone layer depletion allowing more heat, then global warming is also quite a believable theory as well.

science_nerd(28) Clarified
1 point

Meh I just need to hear arguments based on the two sides. I believe in Christianity yes, but I also like science and think it provides explanations for some things.

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Winning Position: Of course it does, it's school
Winning Position: No. It has done more harm

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Name: netty 
Gender: Fellow
Age: 15
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: Nigeria
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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