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RSS Sharon

Reward Points:18
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9 points

School uniform is an essential part of school life. School uniform should not be banned, because of money. Our economic circumstances can have great affect, and more often than not, those with less money and therefore less desirable clothes are frequently subjected to various forms of prejudice and discrimination, exclusion and even ostracism, especially in schools.

Wearing less expensive less fashionable clothes, different clothing from everyone else creates division, which school uniform can avoid. To be set apart and look different, in any way from everybody else almost certainly makes people targets for bullying, especially in schools. Young children who do not know the effect of bullying will always pick on the child who does not look the same

Also, because school uniform allows you to easily identify someone as a student of a specific school, if someone from another school physically or verbally abuses someone or done something bad, they are able to take the situation into your own hands and find the school they are from, and contact Principal of the school and inform them of their students behaviour. Anther reason is that in a school excursion if the student get lost the method of identification would we easy because everyone with the school uniform is from the same school and their uniform would guarantee they could be easily to find for a adult or police.

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