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sirissm(7) Clarified
1 point

The militia are made by the people and of the people and are doing the people work.

The standing army that is controlled by the president has no real since of right or wrong ,there willing to shoot civilians and be extremely rude , where as the militia only fight when necessary

1 point

Regardless to the benefits the large republic may or may not provide A large republic is not what we need. Too little democracy is still evident in the fact that the governments are taxing us and owning our property. And we wanted a BILL of rights not Enumerated powers , the enumerated powers added things such as the supremacy clause and the necessary and proper clause that basically trampled over our human rights. And lastly saying national government is better due to equality and bigger voice is simply not true, look at it like this , The national gov u speak of is separated into 3 branches,THERE ARE PROBLEMS IN ALL 3 BRANCHES. The executive doesn't have to listen to the judicial and controls the lifeless standing army .( mar bury vs Madison and Ch23) The congress which is supposed to be by the people is controlled by wealthy demagogues who support their own beliefs by coercion of other parties(Brutus 1) . And lastly the Judicial doesn't even have an enforcing power to make things happen ,(mar bury vs Madison ) and just like with congress you have people who serve lifetime positions corrupting government

1 point

A standing army goes against everything the anti federalist belive in

Since the articles of confederation anti feds have been talking and supporting a militia , made of the people with the peoples best intrest in mind . And even following Shays rebellion in 1786 we still support the idea that a militia is better. Even following the 2nd amendment it talks of keeping a well regulated militia and it even in The 14th admendment

Standing armys have no morals

sirissm(7) Clarified
1 point

In the enumerated powers it talks of having an elastic clause which allows laws to me made using the reasoning of it being necessary and proper to the goverment

This basically Allowed the goverment to determine things that were not listed in the constitution as necessary and proper and can be determined for the betterment of the goverment

As its stated in Brutus one on 309 and in the constitution. For example, the government could not collect taxes, which power is enumerated as Clause 1 in Article 1, Section 8, without passing a law to create a tax-collecting agency, which is not enumerated. Clause 18 has been used for all sorts of federal actions including requiring integration in the sta

sirissm(7) Clarified
1 point

Not to mention the senators who were also allowed to serve for 6 year unlimited terms and were given the oppritunty to benifit there particular party , would even allow pepole who were federalist to have more of a say than those not a federalist.They can give out loans and pass debt forgiveness, or not tax the wealthy putting more on the debtors and even

3 points

I believe this statement is completely outrageous, Once the government has the power to tax us ,they will own us and take our property for failure to pay

. And as started in Brutus 1 its stated that the Anti federalist hate Direct taxation. Even though the federalist have created the power of the purse and granted the power to the house , it still has to be supported by the senate , who could easily disagree with it ; leaving it ineffective We also disagree with the idea that its necessary to repay the debts ( in which we didn't all contribute to ) and fund our military which we disagree should be a standing army.

2 points

-Necessary and Proper clause is a fancy way of letting federalist have the loophole around gov

Allowed the government to determine things that were not listed as necessary and proper and can be determined by the government

As its stated in Brutus one on 309 It states that anything they dint list , they will govern according to the Necessary and Proper clause. Which is basically saying even if they don't say what they have the power to do, they can still do it , Using the reason of necessary and proper clause

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