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RSS Sknijntje

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I think it is very important for employees to be guided through the process of change with compassion. It is very important during the change that the employees do not feel left out as they already feel out of balance and uncertain about the future. I do think that traditional leadership is still needed as well though, as people need someone to follow into the change.

1 point

I don't agree with this statement. I think this should be seen as an opportunity for proffessional journalism rather than a threat. This because user generated footage is a lot faster, it can be used as the first glance at the situation, and then build upon it professionally. I think it is the job of professional journalists to have non-objective views, and look at more angles, and to bring over the news professionally to the public. This is something user generated news usually does not have.

1 point

I do love watching every show and movie on the television over watching them on a smartphone for example. However, when I want to watch something, I'd like to watch it whenever I want to, and especially when I have nothing else to do but wait, for example, when i am on the bus, train, air plane. I often travel between the Hague and Utrecht, this is a train ride of 40 minutes, exactly the time it takes to watch one episode. Though I am not sure if watching on mobile devices will ever really surpass television, simply because of the screen size, I do think that watching on demand and over internet surpasses the need to watch normal television

1 point

I do agree that immigrants should learn to speak Dutch, or even English for that matter, as long as we are able to understand each other. I think it's especially important for themselves to learn the language. I was talking with someone working in a supermarket who was dealing with the job interviews. He told me that he only denied one of the job applicants the job, the one who could not speak Dutch well. They're not only slowing down their integration, they are also denying themselves from getting jobs. Because of this, they are dead weight for our society.

-1 points

No, it does not give the same personal connection as face to face communication. Though it is a lot easier to use digital communication as you don't have to worry about whether people are working, on the road, or if you're disturbing them; they will answer you in their own time.

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