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RSS Smilinbobs

Reward Points:435
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10 most recent arguments.
smilinbobs(435) Clarified
1 point

I am a historically minded person when it comes to things like that. In history there have not been many people killed by any of these groups. I am very comfortable with them having these firearms.

smilinbobs(435) Clarified
1 point

I was not in disagreement that there would be damage beyond the wound site. I was just bringing up the fact that most people purchase solid point ammo to use in their AR-15. For hunting I normally use my bolt action .223 with hollow points. Normally in the AR I use .556 solid point and oddly enough so do all of my friends.

1 point

So could a single shot shotgun, a bolt action, a revolver, Even a car has been used to kill multiple people at once.

1 point

If you look at the most commonly sold ammo sold for the .223/5.56 it is solid point, not hollow point ammo. I have not seen where hollow point ammo was the ammo of choice for the Parkland massacre.

1 point

The government doesn't do anything competently what would make anyone think that they could some how prevent murder. That can only be done by someone with intimate knowledge that a murder could be eminent. The government was given this information and failed to even check on it. Which translates to the fact that government passes all kinds of laws and if they as a group can profit somehow from them they act. If not oh well. There was nothing to gain prior to the murders no action but now the Dem's can try to buy free votes with a promise of "stopping gun violence" which is just an impossible political lie to fool the weak minded people of the country.

1 point

So according to your ideology everything that 1 in a million people abuse and kill someone with should be outlawed. The idiocracy of that would mean no guns, knives, hammers, cars, and i'm sure hundreds of other everyday items.

It is always wrong to oppress people and punish the many due to the actions of a very few. I don't know in what world view other than the military that is okay.

1 point

My problem with your comments are that you blame the Gun as if any other gun would have made it better somehow. The Deputy Sheriff should be held liable for failing to protect the children he was hired to protect because of his cowardice. He had a firearm just as capable as the gunman and easier to handle. He was suppose to be a trained professional and should have at least engaged the shooter which would have diverted the gunman's attention saving lives. I work at a hospital where our security wear bullet proof vests and run to the conflict not outside away from it.

How was the Deputy "hopelessly outgunned" as you claim? A hand gun is larger in caliber easier to handle in close quarter's one bullet hitting the perpetrator would have brought the situation to an end.

smilinbobs(435) Clarified
2 points

The 2nd Amendment is still as relevant as it was 200 years ago for the same reasons. and I have known and still do know many people who are now outlaws because they have outlawed "pot" I feel that it is wrong that they should have to be worried about LEA for owning weed it's just as stupid.

1 point

Any semiautomatic pistol or rifle can fire at comparable rates. It is only as fast as the operator can pull the trigger. That is why the military uses fully automatic weapons not AR-15's. Anyone can have as many rounds as they can carry on them it takes a fraction of a second to change magazines so assault style rifles have no advantage in speed or # of rounds carried.

Part of the popularity of the AR-15 is that the government threatens to outlaw it. Under Obama there were over a million sold just because there was a threat that it would become illegal to purchase one. That was the reason that I purchased mine. Now that I have been shooting it I have found that it is a great all purpose firearm. If I could only have one firearm it would be my AR-15. The wife and kids like that it doesn't have a lot of recoil. It is accurate, dependable, light weight, very portable. I understand the reason it is so popular.

1 point

Al, Do you have any idea what you are talking about? Subsonic is a specialty ammunition mainly used with a silencer at close range to eliminate the sonic crack which is almost as loud as the gun discharge. The bullets are going too slow to be effective long range. They are not very good in semiautomatic rifles because they don't have enough powder to reset the next cartridge.

Just for clarification getting shot with a .223/5.56 from an AR with the higher velocity would just pass straight through causing less damage than a much larger 30/40 caliber which most handguns are. The handgun ammo is heavier and designed for stopping power which mean causing the most damage possible. Please research this and you will find that you have been grossly misinformed intentionally by a self serving political movement.

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About Me

"I love to debate religion and politics. I enjoy a polite debate."

Biographical Information
Name: Bob Smilin
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Postal Code: 13820
Religion: Atheist
Education: Some College

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