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RSS Smilinbobs

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1 point

I think that if the government wants to give everyone health care then it should be just like the veterans at government run hospitals where any citizen may use them for free. They should be protected against mal practice suits to keep the costs down. For all of the people who pay for insurance they can go to the regular hospitals.

1 point

Can you offer historical evidence to support this? Rhetorical, it has never happened

1 point

That is not true. I have lead a great life starting out from a dirt poor family I had nothing more than a high school education and a bunch of ambition. I am not wealthy but I have my own home, a job I enjoy and enough wealth that I can enjoy life. I didn't need luck or any inside knowledge. My son has a tenth grade education (he hated school) but also a good deal of ambition and he too has a beautiful family, his own home a good job and an enjoyable life. Proof that you are incorrect in your statements.

1 point

In unbridled capitalism a person with nothing more than a great deal of ambition or a great innovation can create not only great personal wealth but a steady source of wealth for many (employees). In life there is always an element of luck good or bad. I could be hit by lightning tomorrow (bad luck) or win the lottery (good luck) that doesn't make an economic system good or bad.

smilinbobs(559) Clarified
1 point

Believe it or not volunteer community supported fire depts have been successfully defending communities for years before government intervention and support. When the alarms went off nobody looked to see if you were a supporter or not they just did the best they could with what they had. There is nothing bad or wrong in that.

1 point

If you can offer nothing intelligent or a valid rebuttal why do you embarrass yourself by making idiotic comments. Do you realize that in life that makes you the loser? If you wanted to show signs of being a winner you would offer something good about socialism. So far if you notice no one has been able to do that. The supporters of socialism have only offer idiotic comments and envy.

1 point

You have described it beautifully. Socialism is where everyone strives to the lowest common denominator.

1 point

Why would anyone without a brain join a debate site? You have no intellect to debate. There are others like you why don't you join an ignorant argument site? That seems like it would be more to your ability.

1 point

The only good part of socialism comes when you have no wealth to give and no desire to create wealth then the working folks will make sure that you live just like they do except every day is a vacation day. I can't wait to be able to quit my job and live on socialism!!

1 point

To address your last comment Who would be in charge of the redistribution of the wealth? How would this be carried out? If for one second you think that politicians and bankers would not be involved you lying to yourself. These are the people who steal your money. the "capitalist businessman" just sets up a business and creates a profit by offering a service or producing a product. If they are successful they give jobs to many people and make a profit from their service or product. Bankers take the wealth of other people and turn that into wealth for themselves and if successful wealth for those who have invested in them. Politicians take wealth from people by force spend it like they stole it live in luxury and create more ways to steal the wealth of the people they rule over. So again I ask who will redistribute the wealth?

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About Me

"I love to debate religion and politics. I enjoy a polite debate."

Biographical Information
Name: Bob Smilin
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Postal Code: 13820
Religion: Atheist
Education: Some College

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