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RSS Snowshredder

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I'm not sure where you get your facts but most offshore call centers have tighter security than us firms.

1 point

Joe Worker needs to become better qualified for the jobs created by the upward shift in the economy.....and if he is not buying my product he will buy it from someone overseas who is producing it at a fraction of the cost. Again hurting the american economy. Whereas if the job was outsourced, the us company could compete on price.

1 point

first of all, of course you are not going to see the american customers "demand" lower costs through outsourcing......the market forces do this. outsourcing doesn't drive wages down, its a problem with workers being unqualified for the higher level jobs that are created after company resources are freed up by shipping those lower level jobs overseas. also gas is a commodity so it really doesn't have anything do do with your example.

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