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RSS Socratic4

Reward Points:127
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1 point

Certain women wont, certainly more women than men wont. Who's built for serving coffee?

2 points

Which males can do things which females can do and which females can do things which males can do? there're certainly traits that're prevalent at different capacities among the female and male populations and there're in fact things that only males/females can do.

1 point

A business does what it perceives to be most profitable, losing potential customers due to them not having the capital needed in order to be customers as they're unemployed and have no source of income isn't profitable, therefore if automation really led to mass unemployment there wouldn't be any automation.

Even if automation did lead to mass unemployment, the means by which businesses were established in the first place won't disappear, the only thing a business relies on are people that are willing to trade their work in return for a wage and buy its produce, unemployed people fit both categories and therefore new businesses will be established.

2 points

People should be free to give their money to whomever they want.

socratic4(127) Clarified
2 points

Don't look at me I'm not a Postmodernist m

2 points

Well, they do rely on their own form of logic. They claim that as reality is up to interpretation the only possible reason for inequality is oppression as there's no reason for someone to form a reality in which he is less successful than someone else.They attribute this philosophy to ideas as well (there is no reason for an idea to be more prominent than another other than oppression), thus cultural relativism. The thing is, this philosophy is an idea in and of itself and as such they can't claim that it is more true than objectivism because according to them the truth is subjective and in order to not be oppressors (according to themselves) they must attribute equal truthness to objectivism. They are wrong Even in the confines of their own deranged form of logic.

1 point

Nomenclature, should I be allowed to plant a fruit tree in my backyard?

1 point

Should I be allowed to plant a fruit tree in my backward?

1 point

A) I wrote general universal preferences, not unanimous universal preferences. Meaning I'm referring to what most people generally want, not what everyone wants.

B) I don't believe you're an elected representative of the modern left and in fact, Cultural Relativism as I described it, is promoted by the modern left as I'm a sociology student and what I wrote is exactly what I was taught.

D) My argument is against the acceptance of every cultural behavior, and in no way did you refute my argument. Do you believe we should accept every cultural behavior?

Did you notice that virtually all your counter arguments are premised on ignoring the actual content of the original argument and focusing on subtleties?

0 points

I'm not arguing that we should artificially diversify every community's genome as that would be contradictory to my argument. I'm arguing against artificially conforming a communities genome.

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