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1 point

Nomenclature, should I be allowed to plant a fruit tree in my backyard?

1 point

Should I be allowed to plant a fruit tree in my backward?

1 point

A) I wrote general universal preferences, not unanimous universal preferences. Meaning I'm referring to what most people generally want, not what everyone wants.

B) I don't believe you're an elected representative of the modern left and in fact, Cultural Relativism as I described it, is promoted by the modern left as I'm a sociology student and what I wrote is exactly what I was taught.

D) My argument is against the acceptance of every cultural behavior, and in no way did you refute my argument. Do you believe we should accept every cultural behavior?

Did you notice that virtually all your counter arguments are premised on ignoring the actual content of the original argument and focusing on subtleties?

1 point

I'm not arguing that we should artificially diversify every community's genome as that would be contradictory to my argument. I'm arguing against artificially conforming a communities genome.

1 point

FDR's was a bad US president, his reinforcement of monopolies devoided the market of competition, that coupled with government sanctioned wages led to mass unemployment and extreme price hikes. All in all he is estimated to have prolonged the great depression by about 3 years.

1 point

Excluding the fact that high marginal tax rate effects only the top percent of income earners, Eisenhower's goal was to pay off the national debt, there was no government organized health insurance or housing under his terms as president and he has stated publicly that the governments goal should be to keep taxes as low as possible.

1 point

I'm arguing that the taxation that is currently required in order to fund all the social benefits the government provides is stagnating the economy to the extent that we would be better off without it. What is your counter argument?

1 point

If you're emotionally incapable of acknowledging you were wrong about something I'm ok with that, we can pretend as if you won the argument. Just don't pretend as if you managed to justify social democracy.

1 point

Do you have a source? because my findings are different.

Oh, and no, there isn't a 'too high'...and a 'too low', but I'll leave you to figure that out.

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