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Yes, the people thought "being subjugated to the will of one man's right by bloodline and/or conquest to rule over their life and death, worked" in the sense of protection from foreign invaders that would not only subjugate them but kill them and steal their produce. Remember, democracy wasn't even a concept back then, it was slowly developed as oligarchy slowly died after decades of trial and error. If you asked a medieval peasant if he supports the king, he would most likely say he does as the king provides order and protection. Do you think anyone could forcefully rule over someone else for an elongated period of time? where does someone's prowess over someone else even come from? the king is one while the people are many. why do you think the British are so proud of their queen if oligarchy is solely a symbol of oppression?

other than that, i'd like to know how you highlight text if you don't mind informing me.

1 point


Yes, everything moves forward, but through slow pragmatism, people constantly try new things and what fails dies out while what works better stays. Virtually no positive progression ever came from a swift and forceful implementation of anything.

1 point


at who is your comment directed at? because I really don't understand your argument.

1 point

really? so you're saying that the people Antifa deems nazi's and the self proclaimed nazi's Antifa is attacking murdered Jews? and even if they did, we have a justice system.

1 point

Hitler was an animal lover, are you good with him? and why do you think it's ok to attack Nazis and white supremacists?

1 point


what are the means of production? factories? the raw materials that are required in order to create factories already exist in abundance all around you, your incapability of creating factories yourself doesn't mean people that were able to create factories owe you anything.

1 point


who defines what anything is worth? how can the seller overcharge? the buyer gets what he wants cheaper than the cost of what?

1 point

how does capitalism reward only the few? and you should read your comment again, you basically made an argument against capitalism being forcefully implemented and only rewarding a select few.

1 point


your entire argument is predicated on capitalism being forcefully implemented by a select few, can you prove it is so?

1 point

anecdotal evidence doesn't equate to anything, you may as well just say I'm wrong because you want me to be wrong

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