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RSS Son5

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I believe the truth should be taught in Science class. I have nothing wrong with Science being taught in SCIENCE class, but when it comes down to it, there is too many gaps with the theories of Evolution. Too many impossibilities for the evolutionary process to occur no matter the amount of time. Just look at your body. How fearly perfectly made you are. Understand how complex our body works. Lets just take something like the eye for example. there are far more individual specific then your figure print. Theres only 1 and 10 to the 75th power of a chance that you would find someone with the same irises as you. We have dim, night, and peripheral vision in the rods of our eye. It is just amazing how we are perfectly made and that is just the eye ( Just look around you and see the artist's creation. I agree with you guys. Just because it is super natural they think it can not be taught. I can agree with the other side that Creationism is not science... ok well, Scientist have only observed the last phase of Evolution, Micro Evolutionary changes. No one has a problem with that we have changes, adaptations within these types of creatures. But it is crazy that science has extrapolated backwards on all of these other phases of evolution that had to have occurred and they say this is science and everything else is philosophical conjecture. Well, this isn’t science; this is also philosophical conjecture because these are Theories of Origins that we can’t duplicate in a laboratory anymore. This isn’t Scientific Method, indeed this is Philosophical conjecture also based on a naturalistic, materialistic progression over time.

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