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RSS Speckopolis

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I agree. If it didn't happen at school, I don't think they can do anything. BUT, if it was on school property- absolutely. At LEAST suspension. Lessons need to be learned.

1 point

Absolutely not. My child is a straight A student. The Kiwanis club here in Choctaw, Ok has a program called the BUG program. If a child brings his grade up 2 notches, he gets a $25 gift card for wal-mart. That's great for those kids. Good idea. But what about my kid? Should he drop a couple grades to get the gift card? That's the message he's getting.

On the other hand, he also plays soccer. And he's not that good. He doesn't make it to every practice or every game. So- the coach doesn't play him in games much. He might get 8 minutes at the end of the game if we're already losing anyway. And do I throw a hissy fit? Nope. Because he doesn't deserve to play. And frankly, if he gets a trophy at the end of the season for "participation" I will kick somebody's butt. Because that's the easy way out. Show up part of the time, and you get a trophy for it. That's not cool.

Why? Because someday my precious 10 year old straight A student who isn't good at soccer will have to get a job. And he won't get a promotion for showing up half the time. He won't get "employee of the month" at McDonalds for that either.

These are life lessons. Small ones that help our kids grow into responsible adults. The problem with society today is that everyone thinks they are ENTITLED to a trophy. And everyone whines about it, and the wussies complain that their feelings are hurt and they sue somebody for something stupid so they can "win" money because THEY DIDN'T DO WHAT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE!! Wake up people... you are creating a whole new species of lazy whiny people.

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