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RSS Strongweak

Reward Points:4
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1 point

You simply talk nonsense. America has invented numerous things, starting from electricity, to aeroplane to TV, refrigerator. Name it, which is not invented by the U.S (Or the westerners). Thats how this country is the richest in the world now and the global leader now. Name one, just one f..king thing that Indians have invented. Dont simply talk nonsense and irritate others.

3 points

India in no way has the capacity to lead the world. 41% of its people live below poverty line. Go read about a CNN Indian hero of the year 2010. Why he turned to become a social worker. He found some Indian people eating their own excretion for food as they have no food to eat. The Indian government is no way think about this people rather the corrupted politicians eat 90% of tax money and the rest 10% is spent on welfare. The situation is so bad on one sector. On the other side, due to America/UK feeding some part of people through outsourcing, it makes an illusion as though Indian standard of living has come up. You wouldn't believe in some part of India they get get fresh water supply for 1 hour in 15 days. Go visit India at least once and then come comment here.

2 points

America is the global leader and no. 1 country in the world. Bitch like you who live in third world country can only feel jealous on our country.

2 points

Its nonsense if someone claims that outsourcing is good for Americans and the economy. Outsourcing has created extra 7% unemployment and the government has to pay unemployment benefits to them every month. Instead of those people pay Government every month by tax; the government pays them. The people who benefit in other countries by job outsourced, take money from U.S, pay tax to their country not to the U.S. Outsourcing must be banned and all the jobs shifted overseas must be brought back to U.S. The U.S. dollars value keeps going down for the past 2 years. A country's unemployment rate is an important factor that determines its currency value.

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