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RSS Sylynn

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1 point

My clan? I'm not a scientist so the only clan you could claim I belong to is atheists, and we are not claiming the existence of the Kraken. By the way, your clan believes evolution is true.

1 point

To add to the list of things you don't understand: straw man

1 point

If this "nothing" you're referring to is the nothing that is outside of this universe, I'm fine with that. Nothing can exist outside of the universe as "existence" requires time.

1 point

There is no historical evidence that Jesus actually rose from the dead.

1 point

"If you believe in Darwinism you literally believe there were once walking whales and that males and feamales magically evolved at the exact same time in order to mate in the first place."

Yes, you did

1 point

Science does understand it, and it doesn't involve magic; but if hypothetically they didn't what? Why are religious people so afraid of not knowing something?

1 point

So you openly accept the Kraken, but unicorns are impossible

What imaginary debate are you having?

1 point

Then evolition is a lie and cannot happen anywhere but Earth, making it a myth. Your claim, not mine.

Has evolution ever tried to claim the existence of the aforementioned creatures? No, so this is nothing but another straw man.

If you believe in Darwinism you literally believe there were once walking whales and that males and feamales magically evolved at the exact same time in order to mate in the first place.

Darwinian evolution doesn't teach this either. For your own sake, stop talking about that which you do not know.

1 point

You make a claim that, "whales evolved from hooved hyenas" and then provide a link that demonstrates this to not be true. Again, not my fault if you provide evidence that refutes your own claims.

1 point

So you openly admit that science's claims today are tommorrow's fiction.

No such claim was made, but okay, what we know today can change tomorrow. That's the very nature of science.

I will definatley put that in my thesis...

Haha, okay, I'm sure a quote from an anonymous internet user will hold much weight in your thesis.

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Winning Position: Are Christians afraid of the truth?
Tied Positions: Yes, freedom of speech vs. No, cannot disciriminate

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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