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RSS Sylynn

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1 point

Not much to say at the moment, but according to their logic, your statements must be correct.

1 point

Is everyone a Muslim? No, so my point that not everybody cuts themselves still stands. Even if witchcraft always requires blood (which it doesn't), who's to say the blood has to come from the person? Blood was required in the old testament but you didn't see the Jews slicing away at themselves.

1 point

I understand the point, but you're wrong.

1 point

This doesn't even make sense. I think we were all born with an attraction for children, because we were children. When I was in kindergarten I remember having crushes on a couple of the girls in my class, and that attraction for girls continued through high school. You can't even be a pedophile until you're an adult.

0 points

Atheism has no objective morality to claim

You're suggesting a god is required to have objective morality? Has this ever been demonstrated? Has it ever been shown to be impossible without a god?

My question to you: Is something moral because God said so, or does God say so because it's moral? If the former is true, then whatever God says is moral, goes. If God one day says it's okay to slaughter innocent children, then "morality" has no meaning. If the latter is true - that God says so because it's moral - then there must be some foundation for moral truth out there which would render God irrelevant.

1 point

Just to humor you I actually went to the page and it's a closed group so I can't even see it anyway.

1 point

chances are you have never been stopped by police for your skin color alone

What other races are pulled over because of this? Are all races other than white pulled over because of skin color? When was the last time you saw an article in the news of a Chinese man being racially profiled?

nor have you parents told you not to wear a hoodie in public as to not look suspicious.

It's not just the hoodie, it's the combination of that and the jeans around their ass; and you look just as suspicious when dressed that way as a white man.

You are not more likely to be shot by the police for doing absolutely nothing

How many black men have been shot by police when doing absolutely nothing? Those that made it to the media were always involved with something, the majority were armed, and many of those unarmed acted in a threatening manner. I'm not justifying the instances of an innocent man being shot, but the percentage of unarmed, non-threatening blacks being shot is ridiculously low.

and are not more likely to get a stronger sentence in prison for the same crime

I hear this but never see clear examples of this. It's more than just the crime committed. The severity of the crime must also be considered as well as a person's criminal history. This also goes back to decisions. Instead of being concerned about which race receives longer sentences, you could just make better decisions and simply not commit a crime. I'm willing to bet white man who make poor decisions receive much longer sentences than black men who made good decisions.

The argument is that white people inherently have some privilege, and you haven't done much to disprove that.

There has never been clear evidence this is actually true and much like religion, it's difficult to disprove something that has never been demonstrated to be true.

1 point

I don't completely agree, but "white privilege" isn't even used as an excuse for why things take more effort, but instead as an excuse for why some people can't achieve the same things at all. The reason I don't agree is because of the assumption the privilege exists because we are white. Some white people are born into low income families and some blacks are born into upper income families. Race is not the deciding factor.

1 point

Not everybody using any symbol is cutting themselves either.

1 point

From your link:

At some point, I started researching Wicca and Paganism in depth and liked most of what I saw, but didn’t want to give up my Atheism. Since Wicca’s symbols are nominally related to real natural events or aspects, I realized I didn’t have to.

This is not atheism. Sure you may have found someone making the claim they are an atheist witch, but that's not what the grand majority believe. This is no different than lumping all Christians into the same category as those from Westboro.

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Tied Positions: Yes, freedom of speech vs. No, cannot disciriminate

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