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RSS Sylynn

Reward Points:191
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1 point

I understand her stance with regards to education and have no reason to be concerned. The largest argument I've heard is that she's not experienced as an educator; well thank god we didn't hire her to be a teacher.

sylynn(191) Clarified
1 point

Not necessarily. If a person, acting on their own accord takes their own life, it is that person who is responsible for it.

sylynn(191) Clarified
1 point

Fair enough, but I'm not a proponent of criminalizing bullying in general, much less "emotional trauma".

1 point

parents of bullies, don't really have any consequences, over the death of another's child

They most certainly have consequences; no not at the same level as the parent of the child that died, but certainly financial consequences. From a legal perspective a parent assumes vicarious liability for the actions of their child. Whether their child initiates a simple fight, or even kills a child, the parents of the bully can and most certainly will be sued.

sylynn(191) Clarified
1 point

each step is based on an accident

For each step to be an accident there must be intent. If a picture hanging on the wall falls to the floor, you wouldn't say it "accidentally fell", it just fell. By contrast if I'm walking and slip and fall, I could say I "accidentally" fell because my intent was to remain standing.

1 point

"Alt-Right" contains 9 characters, "Alt-Left" contains just 8.

Assessment complete

1 point

I don't know what side to take here. What you said - though not entirely accurate - makes sense, but provides no proof evolution is crap.

I'm also curious where this is headed given the creator of this debate, Jolie. :)

1 point

For the bulk of my work I prefer a desktop. Laptops are indeed useful and the portability is great, but you are greatly limited with the tech you can fit inside. I think a lot of comes down to an individual's needs. I spend a lot of time working with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere & After Effects. With the intense workloads often associated with these titles, most laptops aren't equipped to handle such tasks, or if they are, they don't perform them well. By contrast, if your use of a computer is limited to activities of web browsing, Facebook, CreateDebate, YouTube, etc... any laptop would perform just fine.

I have both and use each for various tasks, but my desktop sees about 98% of my use.

1 point

Facebook by far. I'll use twitter if I'm curious what other people are saying about some trending topic (e.g. Mariah Carey's blunder on New Years), but that's rare. Despite of what Facebook has become (a political nightmare), it has allowed me to remain in touch with old friends and family.

1 point

More government handouts...

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