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RSS Syona

Reward Points:3
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2 points

i collected all dis info frm wikipedia...!!!

i am a class 10th student nd had taken part in a debate with d same i had collected all dis info for dat particular reason..!!

2 points

INDIA surely does has gr8 armed forces....but if so why is pakistan still thrashing india..???

why isn't dis asset being put to use..??

and why r the armed forces not receiving the kind of respect they ought to receive..??..their pay structure is something dat has been debated upon...why is it so dat these ppl are ready to die for dis damn country nd dis country still does not have the kind of respect for them they shud be having...??

4 points

india is a great country..!!!!...

but our biggest hurdle to growth is our political leadership dominated by corrupt self servers......they fail to rally the nation to any cause and blatantly exploit all projects of development..

our leadership has failed our nations progress and made us look timid before the world smashing our relevance as a mighty asian nation.This attitude will not better in times to come..!!!

The per capita income of our country is 442 dollars and is ranked 139th in the world comparison the per capita income of a US citizen is 33000 dollars and is ranked 6th in the world..!!!....talking of mineral wealth. The country has immense mineral resources which is however grossly underexploted.The population growth is making India burst at its seams.

Medicare in INDIA is dismal with an astounding figure of 1 million dying every year due to lack of it..!!The world average of patients to beds is 3.96 beds per 1000 patients , INDIA's average is 0.7 beds per 1000 patients..!!

the country has the highest mother and child mortality rate.The child mortality is 5.6 million every year that is half of the world's total..........

Can you imagine anything like the CWG debacle happening anywhere else in the world . We have shamed ourselves to be ridiculed by the world.We will never get another oppurtunity to showcase ourselves again..!!!

we need superhuman energy to get out of this quagmire of corruption..this is only possible if every citizen dedicated himself to the cause and mobilises his sphere of influence..

The truth is for all us to see,let's be honest to this issue..!!

Let's not fool oursel with empty claims...

the country has the wherewithal to make a superpower....but do we have the resolve to make it one..????...The answer is NO

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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