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RSS Terryw03

Reward Points:3
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1 point

I don't see the problem with have Under God in the pledge or for that matter any where. Thats the problem with people to day. Want to complain and moan about things that they say are offensive to them. Like Under God, But when the religious try to have there say, oh no cant have that, thats the problem with this nation. Everybody wants to complain but are not willing to go some where else. Why don't you just go were they don't have god in there pledge.....Oh but wait then you would just find something else to complain to mommy about. When did this society become a bunch of babies. Oh and by the way don't care if I mispelled anything or phrased something wrong. Grow Up move on, if you don't like it Leave its that simple.

1 point

I have read how most people are on the side of Evolution. there arguments are basically they fact how Bacterial can defend against antibiotics. If we evolved then why haven't we evolved enough to fight and beat cancer. There are more people being getting sicker by Cancer instead of beating cancer. We are getting weaker instead of stronger. If we are evolving has most beleave then how come we have not gotten stronger in time against all of diseases? Why havent any of the past animals people beleave we have evolved from are still the same never to evolve into a human again, like all the monkey's they still remaine monkey's. please dont correct spelling or anything like that....

1 point

That does not prove evolution at all. Just because it becomes resistant to an antibiotic does not mean anything. who says the antibiotics were mixed correctly. What about the peppered moth proves Evolution?

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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