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2 points

Funny how you can't prove me wrong so you just attack me personally. Also funny, I have 300,000 dollars in a bank account right now. i have collage paid for and im being paid by sponsors to travel across the U.S. and play in tournaments. But im low life gamer. Im fuckin 19 yrs. old and make more in a month than you do in a year. Im going to collage to be a fucking graphics designer. I have a finance, a house, and a car that i paid for in cash solely from my income playing videogames. you don't believe me my email is [email protected] email and i will fucking send you pictures you worthless pile of shit.

They are not excusive. Yes if you look at the Bible solely they cannot exist together. But pure creationism and evolutionism can.

2 points

Black ops is a decent game at best. It was by far the worst in the entire CoD series however. The hit detection is poor, lag is awful, game play is OK, and the campaign is the most ridiculous in the entire history of gaming. Even Halo's premise is mildly feasible.

actually halo beat bad company to it. sorry. not trying to burst your bubble but your a fucking idiot. To compare Battle Field to Black Ops is to compare two shit games. Now as a series i doubt any game will ever take down CoD. The only one that i believe has a fighting chance is the new game coming out called Brink. It utilizes the latest and greatest movement software called S.M.A.R.T. ( Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain). This software allows you to basically Par-core your away across the map. no wall is too high. It completely destroys those invisible walls you find in other FPSs that keep your from climbing on a table or a wall that is just a few inches smaller than you even though you play a super soldier. That along with the brand new weapon and character customization and abilities makes me believe it will be the first and last for a VERY long time to give CoD a run for their money if not bring them down.

Just to further my point i have recently traded a for a copy of Bad Company 2 and i will be promptly filling it full of bird shot. it is by far the most detrimental thing to happen to FPSs since Halo 3.

No evolution may not require creationism but it may have been a factor. if you ask any scientist they will tell you that you must look at all possibilities. just because something is not required does not mean it does not exist to effect life.

Its called a fucking exaggeration you stupid fuck. i was proving a point. why don't you go and formulate an intelligent thought before you come try and fight with the big boys OK? Blue ray is shit and it ain't worth buying all of my DVDs over for. not all movies are available in blue ray and if i'm not mistaken a true gamer buys hardware for gaming not the fucking extras. i am a professional gamer. I have traveled across the country and played in over 260 FPS tourneys. do not pretend like you know more than me little kid. you ask anyone i have ever played with or against and they will say all the extra shit (i.e. a blue ray player) don't fucking matter. so the PS3 is a worthless piece of shit hardware. Any real gamer will choose Microsoft over Sony any day. so why don't you go play hide and go fuck yourself till you know what the fuck your talking about.

I support you fully in every way. however you did not comment on whether creationism and evolutionism could be two parts of the same story? that is what i believe i am just curious for your opinion on the idea that god not only created us but created us in order to evolve.

Ya don't bother Saur. He is an ignorant self hating homophobe.

-1 points

Actually treyarch announced that in the next map pack black ops will have vehicles available. also, earlier CoDs allowed you to use vehicles. so next time do some research first.

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Winning Position: Modern Warfare
Winning Position: Yes it is.

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