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RSS Themadgadfly

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10 most recent arguments.

Trump isn't the best morally, but he hasn't done anything legally wrong.

Because it's unborn that's why it's called a fetus .

So is it not alive? If so, why does a woman get to kill a living thing just because it's inside her? That's like saying you get to kill any children that are on your lawn.

That’s seems strange to you , unless in your world where people refer to a fetus as human

How is a fetus not a human?

So the fetus isn't a human? That seems odd, considering it was created by two humans.

Really ? Really tell me in law where that “ special right “ is ?

Tell me in law where that " special right " isn't.

why should a woman carry a fetus to term her choice not yours

I'm not saying she doesn't have a choice, but I have the right to call her a murderer.

I think you really need to look up the difference in a dictionary because you don’t seem to think there’s any difference

A baby's been born and a fetus hasn't. That's the difference.

Nothing gives the fetus a right to be born

So what gives the baby the right to live?

I've been here for over 80 years, been in the most dangerous places in the country

Anecdotal evidence doesn't help your evidence, as I've learned.

Are YOU afraid?

Guns are meant to give an unfair advantage. The left always uses the "what if she got raped" argument for abortion. Well, how about the rape victim-to-be has an unfair advantage, like a gun?

It, likely wouldn't have been without reason

Maybe it would've had reason, maybe it wouldn't had. Really just depends on the parents you get.

Think about getting REAL.

What do you mean by getting real?

Does anyone have the right to life and sustenance from your body ? why should a fetus have this “ special right “ ?

If a woman chooses to take the risk of having a child, the fetus has "the special right".

You've been granted that right by your parents

What parents

why should a woman who wants an abortion be told what to do by a stranger like you?

They took the risk, they should live with the consequences. Why can't a woman put up their child for adoption? No one wants to make that illegal.

Because it’s a separate entity

How's a baby a separate entity but a fetus isn't? You may not be explaining it correctly.


How about you try letting it be born? Is there something that gives the baby the right to have been born that the fetus doesn't have?

The Rules!

Doesn't seem too difficult.

- themadgadfly

I said a fetus relies on its mother’s body for sustenance over which it has no right it also “ resides “ in the mother’s body which it has no rights to either

Why doesn't it have the right? You said it isn't a parasite, so why doesn't it have the right to live there while I live in my home?

A baby as a separate entity to a mother has rights which a fetus does not

Why's that? Does being born give you those rights?

Well, it just seems odd that Bill cheated on her and they're still together, that's all.

Also, who's Matt Drudge?

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Winning Position: Abortion is murder
Tied Positions: Sex and gender are different vs. Sex and gender are inseparable
Winning Position: Why didn't Trump fight in the Vietnam War?

About Me

"Avid graphic designer, conservative who enjoys a few liberal ideas."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Websites: Ergophobe - Youtube
jack - Twitter

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