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RSS Themadgadfly

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10 most recent arguments.

No, unless the rapist forces the woman to get an abortion and even then, it's a case of "Who's responsible, the hitman or the man who ordered the hit man?"

but is in no way absolute.

Of course not. You could have a 400+ IQ and be eating Oreos in your grandmother's basement. But if you are like that, maybe you weren't meant to make it in the first place. I think what you mean to say is you're able to make money by having money, rather than you have to.

a very large amount of capital is required to get anywhere.

And where does that money come from? From making money. And where did you get that money from? A job. How did you get that job? By passing high school, most likely, and possibly college as well. So, intelligence is actually required to make money most of the time.

we give shit pay for

If you're getting paid piss-poor wages, it's closer to slavery than to paid labor. I don't believe jobs should exist for those not intelligent enough to get a high school diploma. Mind you, that's 14 or so years of your life, pre-K to the 12th grade.

paying a little less, not all at once.

In 2012, the average American spent $9,596 on healthcare. That means the average American spent 18% of their annual income on healthcare. How could you raise taxes to the point where universal healthcare exists and is at its best for the poorest Americans while at the same time costing a little less?

There are other things that aren't. Healthcare is one of them

Yes, but here's the thing: American children have equal rights to American education under the 14th Amendment. There's nothing in the Constitution, however, about healthcare.

are able to easily afford healthcare?

In my opinion, those children shouldn't have that money at all. I'm extremely happy about the few celebrities who've decided to leave their children little to nothing. But, just because I don't like that those kids have that money, doesn't mean I get to take it away and give it out. Via inheritance, it's rightfully theirs and they can do what they please with it.




a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

themadgadfly(659) Clarified
1 point

Yes or no?

No, because women who're getting abortions think that abortion isn't murder.

must it have an alibi?

No, because there are usually records of the women receiving the abortion as well as the person preforming it.

Okay, so if it's my grandmother, I can shoot her and get away with it? No, of course not. The connection doesn't matter, because it's still murder.

I just think it's fine for it to be an option.

Okay, but it would be a popular option. I'm all for options: contraception, adoption, and parenting. Notice how murder isn't in there anywhere.

is to create a consciousness capable of suffering

Okay, but it's not your fault that they're able to suffer. That's how living things are. It's not cruel, it's our primary biological function.

Of course they do. Feelings

No, not your feelings. Because, as it happens, you aren't a judge. If you were, then they would contribute to a decision.

It is, though not for that sentient's sake (they're dead, they experience nothing)

So you don't think it hurts when you die? If so, you should stop using the word cruel because cruel means "causing pain or suffering".

And yet, you believe abortion is a good option.


What is the legal definition of person?


You often need money to make money.

That's just not true. Money isn't necessary for more money, intelligence is. We live in a society, thankfully, where the intelligent survive and the idiots are weeded out.

Most low paying jobs don't get you access to healthcare

Then you should've done better in school so you would look more appealing for grants and scholarships.

The poorest can't afford university.

That's why scholarships and grants exist. You're asking for the wrong thing here. Free healthcare won't solve your problem of poverty, but school reform might. Maybe that's what your looking for.

to be liable for deciding their future

Your parents are responsible for your actions until you're 18. When you're 18, you're on your own. No one will baby you at 19. You have to advocate for yourself, and make yourself look appealing to universities. If you don't do that at a young age, you're not going to do well.

The problem is that we're tripping them up and scolding them for getting dirty.

How are we tripping them up? Public education, paid for through taxes, is given to you until the age of eighteen. So, we're actually giving them water and scolding them for getting dirty.

you think that justifies cutting them off?

Why should they get multiple chances in life? Because they were young and dumb? You have to take life seriously and not make dumb mistakes.

Right, but instead of a kid needing "free" lunch because his parents are working and aren't able to pay for it, it's a jobless socialist saying that healthcare is a right. Like you said, healthcare should always be somewhere in your budget, no matter your income.

So, if the constitution doesn't mention the word "people", then how can it have a constitutional definition? And what's the legal definition of a person, since the constitution doesn't have one?

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Winning Position: Sex and gender are inseparable

About Me

"Avid graphic designer, conservative who enjoys a few liberal ideas."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Postal Code: 75056
Websites: Ergophobe - Youtube
jack - Twitter

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