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RSS Tmackenzie44

Reward Points:22
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Drinking while you are pregnant causes serious harm to the baby. It has been scientifically proven and therefore should be common sense. It is basically a form of child neglect if you ask me.

2 points

I think you meant Republicans are such control fanatics. And have a great life back at you. (By the way, this whole "if you make something of yourself" shit doesn't fly with me, I think you meant to say "when you make something of yourself". I am making something with myself, and I am so glad it's being the opposite of you.)

3 points

First of all don't presume to tell me who I will eventually vote for. It's a free country and I will vote for the Democrats when I am old enough. Second off, insults and lies are two totally different things. Congrats, on making no sense...again. I would love to ignore you and it seems you don't want to talk to me either, but let me ask you this....If you don't want to talk to me so bad, why do you keep responding? If you truly didn't want to talk to me you would have ignored me by now. If you truly don't want to talk to me, you won't respond after you read this. :)

I would ask you how stupid you can get, but I fear you would take it as a personal challenge. I'd say that I am a pretty intelligent 16 year old, given that I took college level courses since the 4th grade. Also, in case you forgot I am entitled to my opinions as you are to yours. Never once did I insult you, or is that what you have to tell yourself when you are losing an argument to a teenager, lol. Also, correct spelling is important if you want people to take you seriously. By the way, *against.

Okay, I want you to give me a list of republicans who have never done anything wrong in their lifetime and send it to me. And believe me I will be checking every single name on that list. You obviously don't know anything about the Hillary case, except for the rumors started by morons like you, who have no time on their hands. She didn't send any classified or sensitive information.

Unlike you I have my own views, opinions, etc. I don't associate with any certain group in particular. I just know that there always has to be a wrong side.

Wow, way to not make any sense. How am I not using the English language? Last I checked I wasn't typing in French.

*Continually, the "u" comes before the "a". Funny how that works. Seems you can't spell either. Moron. Sad when you have a 16 year old correcting your spelling. Get a life. Oh, and if you want to ban me so bad, go right on ahead. I think you like arguing with me, though. If you were gonna ban me, you would have done it already.

It doesn't matter that he won't do what he claims he will. It is the fact in the first place that he even has the mindset to think up these things. Hillary isn't corrupt either. You need to get some better ammunition. Those e-mails have been proven to hold ZERO CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. You wouldn't know that because you only like to hear what you want to hear, like the sound of your own voice perhaps.

Seriously, I'm not the one who has to keep re-using the same points over and over.

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Taya Mackenzie
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Education: High School

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