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RSS Tomcruise55

Reward Points:17
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1 point

Please? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

1 point

hold up hold up hold up. Who was the blonde in the picture then? Like who is she in real life?

1 point

So I'm assuming that you don't hold a PhD? And you're not a professor? The definition of atheism "the theory or belief that God does not exist." maybe you need to check your sources again. And btw William lane Craig's education consists of " Wheaton College, University of Birmingham, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich" which are schools that are not just Christian schools last time I checked :P. Maybe you need to go back to school. Or at least attend a class or two if you haven't already. lol.

1 point

There's no evidence for atheism, that means that's inaccurate to then?

1 point

I bet you'd like to see Tom Cruise take it up the ass, wouldn't you?

1 point

And can you test evolution? That's a scientific theory that was based off evidence and reasoning. Unless you can explain how the universe has set laws and how it began. Because in a 3D universe everything must have a beginning. And not WHAT made it begin, but HOW it began.

1 point

He's a professor. And he also holds a PhD and if you've seemed to have forgotten he's also won various debates against atheists. Atheism is the belief in nothing, therefore you have nothing to argue. Unless you have a PhD in quantum mechanics and would like to enlighten us on your vast discoveries? lol.

1 point

You really make no sense. lol. You write all this mis-grammared stuff and then expect us to understand your stupidity. You're an insult to atheists everywhere.

1 point

Quantum physics is pseudo-science? String theory and a multi-verse are all pseudo-science? Maybe you need to go back to college. Or go to college if you haven't hahaha

1 point

I've demonstrated why he could exist, unless you can demonstrate scientifically why he couldn't exist than you are wrong. End of story.

Winning Position: He (or it) does exist

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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