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RSS Uniquegirl37

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Also school uniforms would mean that kids wouldn't pick on their peers based on fashion choices. Do you know how much bullying could be resolved with school uniforms?

You can't control who you fall in love with! And besides, there is nothing wrong with falling in love with someone of your same sex! Why should your x chromosomes and your y chromosomes dictate marriage?

2 points

School uniforms reinforce discipline among the student body. According to numerous statistics, there have proven to be far less incidences of gang violence, discipline problems, etc. AND grades are 31% higher in schools that require uniforms. If they were a part of everyday life, kids wouldn't argue about them anymore. Some people say that uniforms do not allow children to express their individuality to their full potential... I personally disagree. Uniforms would require kids to judge their peers not based upon looks, but upon solely their personality. This would be a great opportunity for administrators to take a stand, and kids to focus more on school as itself.

School uniforms enforce discipline among the student body. Studies show that grades are better, there are far less discipline problems, and less gang violence. What's not to like?

2 points

School uniforms would reinforce discipline and reduce violence among students. Statistics show that many popular risks would decrease in frequency (e.g., gang violence, discipline problems, etc.) if uniforms were part of everyday life! I say 'GO UNIFORMS!'

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