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RSS Unluckybirdy

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Suicide is a good way for population control. I think it should be legal.

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Are you kidding me. Jews weren't carried in Nazi's stomachs for 9 months and Nazi did not have to feed and care for Jews. So on they are not the same. Nazi's did not support Jews for 18 years. No one said that the babies were property of the mother before they are born. Plus if you had the chose of the unborn baby or your own mother you would choose your mother. And just because abortions are legal doesn't mean everyone will have them.

Lol, that's funny. You say we were a country of moral values but we had slavery for hundreds of year. Blacks were beaten and treated as property. We have blacks dying from shooting by cops. We have people killing each other for no reason yet your talking about innocent life's and moral values.

No, they shouldn't not. Women and men are equal. Just because one gender is stronger doesn't mean anything.

They should be treated equal, with rights and everyday life.

A democrat president that supports women's rights and gives them a choice unlike a republican president that takes that choice away and treats women as if they are property. Way to take women's rights away mr. president.

2 points

Of course, great presidents take away rights, lock people out of the country, tell people they CANT SERVE THEIR COUNTRY, and (my favorite) twitters everything that goes on. What's better than a president who turns leading a country into a business.

Its not considered a human life into its able to live outside of the wound or is born.

Abortions aren't just about the baby but the mother to. If the mother cant afford to take care of her self, how is she going to take care of a baby. Adoption? Do you know how hard it is for a women to go get a abortion sometimes. Then think about how hard it is for her to give up her child and never see him/her again. ITs more mental for a women than physical. Walk a day in her shoes and you'll understand.

Maybe some women like to have the control and power. This 2017 and a few year from now their will be more lesbians and bisexuals because of men who think like this. Why be with someone who doesn't see them as a equal.

Strength doesn't make you more powerful than a women. Brains beats bronzes these days. Why should strength make us unequal? Next your going to say black people are unequal to whites because of their skin color and slavery. "It's been this way for centuries."

Trump won because of Russia, and high powering business people who were scared of having to pay more in taxes. Why blame democrats for a republican candidate? Lets blame the republicans who thought he would be a good president.

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