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1 point

Got the spelling wrong..

Anyways, I learned more stuff over the years and the translation is disputed I guess

Wikipedia link for anyone who's interested.

However, if one's gonna label a religion violent for something in their holy text, I'm not sure if Christianity is free of accusations. Then again, not an expert..

1 point

A lot of people are saying that one of the reason there will be a third world war will be caused by North Korea is because china will join NK. But, China is currently earning a lot of money by selling products to the western world. If they joined NK, they will have to give up a lot of money for a country that doesn't really benefit them.

2 points

If we want to stop animal testing, why not ban all use of animals such as fur coats and eating meat? How are these things that many people do every day are different from animal testing? At least animal testing can save lives but meat and fur coats are for luxury.

1 point

North Korea has nuclear missiles and are putting lots of research funds into it so eventually it could reach US soil

1 point

We don't know much about NK's military since those kinds of info are classified in every country. Still, we know that they are currently working on a nuclear missile that can't reach American soil, but can still reach anywhere in South Korean and maybe Guam.

1 point

Unless technology gets really developed so that customers can feel, touch, smell, and try out the product online, it would be difficult for virtual shopping malls to take over malls in real life.

wondo0802(17) Clarified
1 point

Doesnt that mean we should put a limit depending on your financial power?

3 points

well then, can you prove there are no afterlife? And how do you know afterlife would be like that; being atoms or something. I don't get it. why wouldn't there be less suffering if everyone believed there were no god? At least the ones who believe are happy. have you ever tried believing a religion or are you just spewing all this stuff out of your head?

2 points

Well actually, I heard that the 'kuran' of the islamic religion actually encourages war and violance against non-islamics. still, i should say that i am not that familiar with 'kuran'

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