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Winning Position: Never happen, excon
Winning Position: Humans Too Stupid For Democracy
Winning Position: Don't know name;- no vote.
Winning Position: bombs, bombs and more bombs
Winning Position: Cons soeak like they're human
Tied Positions: negativni utjecaj vs. pozitivni utjecaj
Tied Positions: Inconsequential & confused YES vs. Dithering & aimless, yes.
Winning Position: Agree
Tied Positions: Not vs. Agree
Winning Position: True.
Winning Position: Correct
Winning Position: Full coincidence
Winning Position: How To Steer Clear Of Very High Early Morning Glucose
Winning Position: Ukrainians threw stones at us
Winning Position: Yes, there was such a person
Winning Position: True
Winning Position: SS Blackshirts
Tied Positions: Microsoft says it's humankind. vs. Change facts to suit Microsoft
Tied Positions: Joyless left vs. Left kills everything
Winning Position: Yes
Winning Position: Oppose
Tied Positions: No vs. Yes
Tied Positions: He's a fed vs. Left wants him free
Tied Positions: Non-whites will reign. vs. Watch for White Flight.

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